How to Get and Open the Satellite map in GTA 5? – Grand Theft auto 5 (Example)

Since its inception, the Grand Theft Auto franchise, produced by Rockstar Games, has been known for emphasizing the creating your maps. GTA V is also famous for its extensive map and all the areas that come with it. So true game lovers strive to get and open the satellite map in GTA 5 to get to know each little corner in more detail.

It was a privilege to travel the roads of GTA: San Andreas that connected with the 3 main cities or to take an extensive tour in the edition of Liberty city. However, in GTA V the mapping has been totally restructured, unifying a large metropolis with a large rural area and even a vast underwater background.

Benefits of getting and opening the satellite map in GTA 5

When the versions of maps that Rockstar Games has drawn and developed are applied to reality, it is certainly the one from GTA 5 the biggest. Since its launch, users have placed special emphasis on the extensive areas of interest within the map, granting new and improved areas to explore.

It is an immense terrain to travel and an endless number of important roads to go through to carry out the missions of the game in story mode. At this point lies the importance of knowing or becoming familiar with the map, since otherwise the experience in the game may be affected.

gta 5 car

Therefore, it is totally normal for a player to miss the location of a specific site to carry out an order. At the same time, it may be difficult for you to get to a certain destination depending on the demands of the game. That is why getting and opening the satellite map in GTA 5 makes sense when the time comes.

On some websites, there are several publications that offer a detailed view of the GTA V maps. Some have even taken the trouble to divide them by “levels”Or resolution to specify the areas of the game.

However, it is not enough just to observe, since it is not compatible to be immersed in a game and at the same time look for the indicated image of a part of the map. But it is not to worry, there is an alternative on the internet and that is to download a “mod”That allows a view or satellite map allowed by the game.

Step by step to get the satellite map

To get and open the satellite map in GTA 5, you must first have installed Grand theft auto v on your computer and have previously downloaded the Open IV program. Intended for the application of mods compatible with the game (obviously you must know how to configure and install mods in GTA 5 if you want to comply with this step).

With both, the next step is to download the mod corresponding to the satellite map by searching for it correctly in Google, specifically at Then click on “Maps”, Then choose the option “Satellite view map 2.0” and finally press “Download”.

gta 5 satellite map

Wait for the download to finish and then unzip the resulting component into a single folder, noting that there are several files. Open the Open IV program, press “Edit mode” and later “Yes“, Then go into the folder”x64b”, Press“Data” and then “cd images”. Enter the second file and once there, locate the button “+”To open a new window.

Right at that point, copy the previously unzipped files from the second and paste them in the mentioned window. The next step is to locate the folder “Common“And then enter the” Ui “folder where you will pass the last file that you did not copy in the step above.

Easy peasy! If you have completed the steps perfectly and also have the Open IV, getting and opening the satellite map in GTA 5 is a success.

So you only have to find the most relevant locations on the map to be able to do things like dive and swim in GTA 5, or open the parachute inside an area of ​​high interest to get there. The only thing left for you to do is go and play.

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