How to Get Bones Fast in Minecraft – Easy Tricks

Minecraft in an open world game where the exploration and construction They are fundamental. You can go where you want, build what you want and set your own goals, as there are no rules within it.

The environments that the game generates contain raw materials, different areas and animals, you also have the possibility of building a simple house or a castle. At the same time within the game there is the possibility of get bones with a few simple steps.

How to get bones easily in Minecraft?

First of all, it should be noted that getting bones is easy, you only have to have a sword and locate a skeleton. It should be noted that normally the skeletons are found under the trees or you can see them at night, since they come out when it is dark.

Minecraft character fight

You just kill it by clicking and you will get arrows and bonesAdditionally, some materials can be obtained to be able to obtain the bones in another way. So you need: grass, fence, wood, preferred gate, and a monster generator. Skeletons are also needed.

Initially, you must locate the place where you want to locate the farm, then a three-by-three box opens and two more boxes for depth. Then you have to place the fences in the corners of the hole. It must have a height of three bars, likewise the wood will be placed on top of the fences and they must be joined at all corners.

At the end of the wood there will be a ceiling look for the opening, then it is closed with the doors and only a space is left to be able to leave. In turn, two holes must be opened on each side of the enclosure or square with a depth of two and one, since they are two joined holes.

In addition, on the side where you want to enter the door is added, then the monster generator must be placed in the middle of the square under the roof at the height of the grass and then the skeleton is introduced.

Likewise, the wolves can be placed around the enclosure created and everything can be enclosed if desired as a farm so that the wolves do not get out. Then you must wait for some skeletons to come out to be able to get their arrows and bones to tame wolves.

Ways to get bone powder in Minecraft

It should be mentioned that there are a variety of ways to get bone powder in Minecraft, one of them is go killing the skeletons found enclosed or under a tree. In this way the bone will be obtained and then the bone powder.

Minecraft bone manufacturing

You can also obtain bone powder by composting, Since everything that is organic can be added to it, you can even add seaweed. When it is full, you can right click and the bone powder will automatically be obtained.

Another way to obtain bone powder is through fishing, since it can be obtained that way himself but you must have luck. Also, if you find a salmon you can kill it and bone dust will also come from there.

On the other hand, when locating the remains of a dinosaur, the bone can be obtained and, additionally, the bone powder can be extracted. So the block of bone is selected, then the diamond sword is taken to be able to obtain the bone.

It is important to mention that from each skeleton up to two bones can be obtained, in addition the bones fulfill the function of produce bone powder. Which can be used to grow crops, the bone powder itself works as a compost for grass to grow quickly.

In addition, the bones are used to domesticate the wolf as explained above and additionally white ink can be obtained from the bone to apply it on the sheep’s wool.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Get bones in Minecraft by following these tips? Do you know other tricks to get bones in this later? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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