How to Get Clearer and More Realistic Shadows with VRay in 3D Studio Max

Many comment that the people who are in charge of designing, creating, observing and experiencing the world differently than most of us.

To everything that surrounds us they perceive details that we do not observe, that goes from the colors, shapes, structures, flavors.

And each of them is reflected in the moment they design whether for fashion, art, architecture, engineering, in short in any area they want either manually or by means of computer programs.

For example, in the case of engineering and decoration, there are several programs that make it possible to You can observe the design made in virtual reality.

These programs allow you to show your projects developing various techniques in it, be it modeling, animation, redemption, and you can also view it in 3D format, even working on it from google.

These programs are Lumion, Tinkercad, Sketchup, Cinema 4D, Sketchup, 3Ds Studio Max, Paint 3D, Rhinoceros 3D, Morphi, Sculptris, Blende, Fusion 360, Nuke.

Several of these programs are integrated with others to give you a better quality in your presentations, mockups and designs, as is the case with Vray in 3D Studio Max.

What is Vray?

Vray is a program to render, create effects and animations in any of your projects with its multiple tools with an excellent final result.

Vray is a program created by the world’s number one company Chaos Group in the creation of computer graphics.

This company Chaos Group concentrates on technology development in the above areas associated with Intel, Autodesk, Adobe, Foundry, McNeel, Trimble.

The purpose of this program is to offer designers and artists this technological tool with infinite functions practices to be used in advertising, films, television, animation and architecture.

vray joins 3d studio to slow down and give another perspective to images

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It is versatile, interactive, fast and adaptable, in addition your presentations can be shown with excellent quality with real effects because in a rendering program, in 3D.

Vray is one of the favorites by movie producers, even this technique was used in movies like Steel Giants, Iron Man 3, Avatar, Tron Legacy.

With Vray you can work with objects, scales, planes, polygons, structures, lights, and you can also integrate it and add it with other programs such as 3Ds Max.

Vray contains shading tools, as well as lighting (Path Tracing), and renders training your computer to make these designs from the cloud.

This program, in addition to being compatible with 3Ds Max with which you can even create dialog windows, also works in conjunction with various plugins such as Forest Pack, Phoenix FD, Ornatrix, Substance, Tyflow, Railclone.

With the renders that Vray contains You can use the tools and strategies to standardize your plans, architecture and marketing presentations to offer a product or furniture in 3D.

These are so real that you can easily get confused with the images you see in the photos or the recordings made by cameras, they are so real.

How to use Vray in 3D Studio Max and achieve clearer and more realistic shadows in your project

If when making your projects or designs you want to give it more realism, with the use of light and dark shadows using Vray that you can download to use, now I will give you steps to do it quickly and easily.

with vray studio max you design images, effects and much more

Step 1

If you notice that the shadows are very dark, go to the box with the name of Transparent Shadows in Vray and that way you can modify the density of it.

Step 2

If what you want is that the shadows look lighter because even using the HSP they look dark go to the option of Primary Bounces and graduate to the numbering you want to make it look clearer.

Step 3

If you have the Vray Shadow Option working for the main shadow, in it you will find Vray Shadow Parameters and then choose Transparent hSadows and select the density.

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