How to Get Clients with a Marketing Plan at the Opening of a Dental Clinic

The market is saturated with dental clinics, so many dentists doubt whether they will be successful in opening their own dental clinic; If that is your case, don’t worry, a good marketing strategy will help you attract the attention of many patients. This post will tell you how get clients with a marketing plan at the opening of a dental clinic.

How to start a marketing plan for the opening of a dental clinic?

Before starting any marketing strategy for your dental clinic you should be clear that type of services you plan to provide, for example oral surgery, preventive dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, children’s dentistry, among others; This is essential to focus advertising according to the service that your clinic will provide.

You should also think about what will be your target audiences Because some dental clinics serve only children, adults or the elderly, being clear on this point will help you organize a marketing strategy that captures their attention and motivates them to visit the clinic.

Research the market and the dental clinics that you have nearby to get an idea if you compete with strong or growing clinics, also study what are the strengths and weaknesses of your competition; This information will help you design a strong marketing plan that is different from what your competition offers.

Think about how much money and time you want to invest to organize a successful marketing strategy. It is important that you organize your marketing plan in advance (6 months minimum) and put it into action several weeks before the opening in order to reach a greater number of people.

Marketing strategy that you can put into practice

Promotions: promotions and discounts hook people; That is why on opening day it offers a free dental check-up or cleaning, a 20%, 30% discount on some procedures or you can choose to give away a toothpaste, mouthwash or toothbrush. Not only do you carry out these types of promotions on opening day, do them frequently and take your frequent patients into account.

panoramic x-ray of a patient's teeth

Hand out flyers: This method may seem old to you, but it is a tool that can help you reach your target audience; For this reason, distribute the flyers in places where the public you want to attract is concentrated. Do not forget to add your location, contact information and any promotion.

Social networks: Social networks have millions of users, therefore they are a valuable tool to publicize any business. Create an account for your dental clinic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and start post tips for healthy teeth, notify your followers of the promotions and discounts that you will have available on the opening day. Don’t forget to add your contact information, location and website.

It is important that you are always active on these social networks, so upload photos and videos with content related to the clinic and tooth care. Use these accounts to run contests, especially those where you have to share the publication with other users to participate, this type of contest will help you publicize your clinic.

Youtube: This platform has a lot of traffic, so it would be ideal if you create a channel to upload videos where you give practical tips for caring for your teeth and you will talk about the problems that frequently affect patients. On YouTube you can add links to your social networks and website so that they know your clinic.

Web page: Many people use the internet to locate the nearest dental clinic; for this reason it is important to create a web page that contains the contact information, location, services you offer and photos of the clinic. You can also place before and after photos of some dental work performed by the staff that will work in the clinic, this is useful for your future clients to see that the clinic has qualified personnel.

dentist checking a patient's teeth

The advertising you do for promote your dental clinic It must convey the idea that a healthy mouth and beautiful smile are not linked to pain, this is important because if the advertising gives the impression that the treatments you offer are painful and annoying, patients will not want to visit the clinic.

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