How to Get Coins, Gems and Pass the Levels in Disney Magic Kingdoms Easily

You can now have Disney Magic at home and play with its different characters, you just have to have an Android device or play it from your computer. In the game you will find all the characters of the favorite Disney movies by many young and old, you can get them thanks to coins and gems.

Get coins and gems in Disney Magic Kingdoms easily

Like any video game has its levels, challenges even rewards, and with the coins plus the gems you can advance in the levels, we show you how to get them. As you help recover the kingdom of the curse, you can experience the excitement of being in the world of Disney, creating your own fantastic park.

In the course of the game you will be told what to do, and how to unlock all the areas that are under the curse. To achieve this you have the support of other players, since is a multiplayer simulation game, you will find coins or chests with coins that you will need.

How to get the gems and coins

When starting in the game you must first focus on collecting the coins and gems, these you will have to use in the missions. Next, we show you how collect them easily and have an idea when you are playing in case you are a beginner.

  • Playing daily, with the calendar you have the possibility of obtaining a reward.
  • Reward for leveling up.
  • If you want to acquire them for free, you can use a legal platform dedicated to this service, such as resource generators.
  • Collect coins and gems through the Purchase online using money.


  • Stay tuned for some daily strategic announcements.
  • Too you can find gems by means of bronze chests.
  • Show attention to events and complete them at the appointed time.
  • Attract visitors to your park, they generate coins.

Always remember that thanks to resources such as coins and gems that the game offers you can advance, as we have already told you before. Of course you will find obstacles, but that is the sense of the game that you can meet challenges while enjoying creating and fulfilling missions.

Gem functions

Keeping in mind how these rewards work, you will know how to invest them, so take good care of how you use them in the game journey. In order to obtain this resource, you can also go to the online store and do the purchase of coins, you can purchase the following.

  1. Create buildings and attraction fairs.
  2. Make improvements to buildings and attractions.
  3. Take care of the waiting time.
  4. Move to the next levels faster.

Coin functions

In general, we have mentioned that they are used to level up, but below we will show you how the coins work More in detail. For each meeting the request for coins is different in terms of quantity, there are event or heart coins.

  1. Like gems they serve you to to get better the buildings you have in your park.
  2. Reform elements of the park
  3. Decorate to your liking.
  4. Open Upcoming Attractions, as you level up.
  5. At the end of an event you can exchange them for gems.

How to pass levels in Disney Magic Kingdoms

From children to adults they are hooked on the virtual simulation game, as it comes from Disney, it has fascinated all its fans. Surely you hope to know how to pass the level, do not worry it is not that complicated, just follow your intuition and the same game will guide you.

Do not rush to spend gems and coins, first collect and meditate well on what you are going to spend your resources on. As you continue playing you will see some other tricks to level up, and enjoy what the game offers you in its entirety.

Game attributes

In this short list we reflect the main features of this game, the others you will know as you are playing it.


  • It is a fun and lively game.
  • Suitable for children and adults.
  • Excellent graphics design.
  • The missions are interesting, they are well thought out to keep you hooked on the game.
  • You create your own amusement park with the character you want.
  • Good sound effect.

You are now ready for the fascinating adventure in Disney Magic Kingdoms, it is easy and interesting, you can download it for Android system through Play Store.

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