How to Get, Collect or Collect Fiber or Skin in ARK: Survival Evolved Quickly

At present, the development of video games has grown exponentially, it is common, to see how they are published daily each time more games around the world. Either because you buy the game physically, or download it through the respective official pages, the experience of games like ARK is unique for each user.

Previously, video games were considered as leisure, a way of isolate yourself from the real world or for some, the rest after a day’s work. Although these concepts remain in force, it cannot be hidden that the ‘gaming’ world has gone to another level where some games are considered ‘electronic sports’ (e-sports).

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to entertain yourself, or if you want to become a professional, today we introduce you to the ARK game and the easiest ways to evolve. It does not matter if you are looking for how to get a lot of stone in ARK, you have to imagine that you need a pick, or instead, if you want know how to get fiber in ARK, We will explain it to you below.

What is ARK: Survival Evolved?

This game was published for Windows, OS X and Linux during 2015. It has a similar freedom to Minecraft but with an environment similar to Spore, if you have played any of these games, you sure get hooked quickly.

Finally available mid-2017 for other platforms like Xbox One, Playstation 4 (and then for 5) as well as the Nintendo Switch and on Android and iOS mobiles.

ARK: Survival Evolved takes you to the age of the dinosaurs. With just a tail cap, you must try to survive on earth by searching and creating necessary resources such as clothing, weapons and food.

The Android mobile versionIt requires at least 3GB of RAM on your device, of course, having certainly compromising graphics, it can only be played on high-end and some mid-range equipment.

ways to collect fiber or dinosaur skin

For its part, for the desktop version the minimum requirements are: 8GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor or higher, graphics card of at least 2GB and 60GB free of space.

How to pick up fiber in ARK quickly

When you just started a game In ARK, it is best to create a bed as soon as you can to respawn in the place you like.

Among the materials needed to create the bed is fiber, in fact, fiber is the most used material for the construction of any object throughout the game. At first, getting the fiber is going to be a bit tedious, as it is only possible with your own hand.

However, as you level up, you can create your own metal oz or ‘metal sickle’ in English. But you’re going to play for a long time without it, as you need to be level 30 at least to be able to build it.

The oz can also serve as a weapon, generating up to 50 points of damage. To make this oz you will need 18 metal ingots, 4 wood and 16 leather. What’s more, upon achieving level 40, you can tame a Gigantopithecus, which, among so many functions, can ‘farm’ fiber for you.

How to get skin without dying trying

In addition to fiber, the skin is also necessary for creating a bed, and of course, for a large number of objects that you will need throughout your evolution in the game.

As you can imagine, the skin can only be obtained from dinosaurs, even if you die, even if it sounds funny, you can’t take your own skin.

dinosaur to collect skin in ark

Notably, getting skin can become a daunting task for players just starting out in this world, however, don’t worry there is a way and today we show it to you.

To get fur in ark, you can attack certain small dinosaurs that are not hostile and therefore, you will not receive any damage. Dodos, for example, are a kind of bird that won’t attack you even though you do, and like them, many more allow you to get thick skin in ark.

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Finally, now that you know how to get fast fiber in ark, in addition to skin, go ahead and continue with the game, evolves by gathering resources and taming creatures.

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