How to Get Coupons, Discounts and Promotional Codes at CornerShop? (Example)

Today there are many alternatives when it comes to ordering food at home, and one of the best is called CornerShop. This is due to its great interface and how easy it is to use. That is why everyone wants to learn about it, and with that in mind today you will see how to get discount coupons and promotional codes at CornerShop.

And it is that, who does not like buy things cheaper than you suppose they are? Everyone always wants a discount on their products, either because they are not doing well financially or because they simply need to save money for something. Regardless of the reason, with today’s tutorial you will learn how to save some bills.

To get straight to the point, the first step you must follow to be able to get discount coupons and promotional codes in CornerShop is to download the CornerShop App from the PlayStore, since without it you will do absolutely nothing (if you do not know how to download and use the CornerShop App you must look for it before continuing).

Once you have it, you will have several ways to get coupons and discount codes (which are basically the same). Number one is through the referral code of the same application.

This code is already in the program, and its operation is very simple. To activate it, you will only have to click on the button called “Share”, This action will bring up a link that you can copy and pass on to any of your contacts.

cornershop buyer

When they have it, they will only have to create an account from it, with each account created or registered you will earn a sum of money (In Mexico they are 200 pesos but it varies depending on the country).

Get your coupons and codes online

The best way to get discount coupons and promotional codes at CornerShop, It is through the old and reliable Google search engine. All you have to do is write literally “Coupons for CornerShop” and immediately thousands of pages will be reflected, where when you click them they will show you codes and coupons.

They all serve (until they are sold out) and have different purposes, some of them are for small discounts, others for large discounts, and there is also a certain amount that only deducts the cost of shipping (in each coupon section it is specified what it does ).

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To activate them you just have to look for the best ones (of large sums) and click on “See coupon”, this will give you the code which you must enter in your accounta (as a tip, read the comments out there, as people post good coupons).

In case you want more information, the method to see redeem coupons in SinDelantal is very similar, so you can look for information about it, so that you do not make any mistakes, and incidentally you can take the opportunity to find out what are the best applications to order food delivery?

How to redeem codes or coupons

Now that you know how get discount coupons and promotional codes at CornerShop, It is time for you to see the process that you have to comply with to redeem them and make them effective in your account.

The first thing you have to do is log in, then go to the menu and select the option called “Account”, then choose the button called “Credits”. Within its section, you will be allowed to enter the code.

delivery man with cava from cornershop

Once you have done it, click on “Enter code” and that’s it., your money will already be in the cash account to use when you want it. What you have to do now is choose your order and finalize your purchase (you can enter the code before or after choosing what you want to order).

With what you learned there is nothing else you should know about coupons, so the only thing left to do is go to the web and start hunting the best discounts.

Also be active in the application itself, because from time to time there are promotions in certain locations. Remember that this App is one of the best, but like everything it has some bugs from time to time. If you notice any, report it, so that the technical team can solve it and there are no more problems.

Keep in mind in the same way, that you can not only be a client of this App, since if you need an extra income you can work in CornerShop as a delivery person or some other position.

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