How to Get Free Frames for my Twitch Streams? – Can I use them in OBS?

One of the most effective ways to gain followers or subscribers for your Twitch channel, it is modifying and personalizing it in a good way. Among the many forms available, one of the most prominent is the free frames for Twitch streams.

And yes, you can have them through the OBS application, being, in fact, the best known and fastest way to execute this plan. Pay attention, because below you will know everything related to this aspect. In a matter of a few minutes, your Twitch channel will be revolutionized and the center of all attention.

OBS: Twitch’s main ally for streaming

Popularly known as Open Broadcaster Software, it is nothing more and nothing less than a popular streaming program. It complements perfectly with Twitch to carry out your best transmissions and it is even compatible with YouTube perfectly.

In short, it is a software whose support is based on streaming platforms such as those already mentioned above. However, various specific functions can be carried out through it. Or well, beyond calling them functions, they are tools that allow users like you to modify the streaming environment.

But, you are probably wondering, what does this mean? OBS grants the power to customize the streaming channel to make it more attractive. Promoting the creation of text, images, special effects or the famous free Twtich streaming frames, OBS is an exceptional and invaluable program.

official studio obs

Does getting OBS cost money? No, its download is free!

If you investigate further the operation of this software, it is common to wonder if it really its download is free. And so it is, just by accessing its official website, you will immediately be on the doorstep of obtaining this acclaimed program.

Press the “Download” option and choose the one that is compatible with some version of your operating system, either Windows, MacOS or Linux. Wait for the process to finish and run its installation on the computer where it was downloaded. Then, when the shortcut is created, click on it and you will enter its interface immediately.

Now, all you have to do is start creating free frames for Twitch streams

You have already completed the main step, now you only have to finish the task in charge. The process of adding free frames to Twitch streams is just as simple and it won’t take you too long to understand.

To do this, with the OBS program in full swing, locate the option “Sources” and then select the “+” button associated with it. A new menu of alternatives will be displayed, from where you must choose “Screenshot” so that the frame can be visible in streaming.

Think of a basic name that will only work for the process and then press “Accept” to continue. It should be noted that, previously, you must search and download the appropriate image that will act as the frame for the Twitch channel. Click on “Browse”, an option that will be reflected once you finish assigning a name to the screenshot.

obs official marks

Immediately, enter the image intended for this purpose in OBS and wait for the loading process to finish. Once again, press “OK” when everything is in order, this way you will have added the first of many free frames for Twitch streaming.

From this point on, said frame can be adjusted or modified according to your needs so that it organically molds to the transmission. How? There is no loss. Just drag the cursor around the edges and play with the dimensions. You can also decide whether or not to add a text box to complement the frame.

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