How to Get Free Gems in Rise of Kingdoms – Useful Tips and Tricks

In 2018 the game Rise of Kingdoms was introduced to the market by Lilith Games, a company that was formed in 2015 in China and is known for its excellent free games for iOS and Android mobiles. In this post, you will learn some very useful tips and tricks that will allow you to get free gems in Rise of Kingdoms.

The game has the advantage of realizing its own destiny through the choice of a civilization, where you will face various battles and enemies to get different resources, which will allow you to be the best nation on the map in the world.

You sure had fun attacking in Clash of Clans to win over your rivals, and just when you start to wonder what other games there are like Clash of Clans, Rise of Kingdoms arrives. This game consists of 11 civilizations to interact with other players; you must enrich and strengthen your kingdom, create alliances and obtain resources. In addition to free gems, through some tips and tricks.

What are the advantages of the Rise of Kingdoms game?

  • It allows you to interact with several players at the same time in real time.
  • Its graphics are clear and elaborate with good definition.
  • Suitable for players of different ages developing strategies.
  • With BlueStacks 4 in the Rise of Kingdoms game, you will no longer depend on alliances with other players, being able to defend yourself because you will have several nations under your control.

Tricks to win free gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Generally to have the gems in Rise of Kingdoms, we must spend our money; but it is not the only way, can be obtained for free. Among the tricks we have, for example:

get free gems in rise of kingdoms

  • Complete game objectives daily: that is, if you finish the main mission of the story as quickly as possible and if you level up your headquarters it will give you some gems if it has unlocked a new era.
  • Finish the different missions– the game offers you a lot of missions constantly; and when you reach 100 points you will get a final reward from a chest and you can also get some gems for free.
  • Defeat enemies or barbarians: in this case it is important to attack those with a high level, the strongest, although it will give you about 10 gems, then you can better dedicate yourself to the barbarian troops, which is an easier objective.
  • Subtract them from the mines: when you already have the technology for the investigation of the gem deposits as you have advanced in the game, you will be able to extract them, which although they are few, you must be attentive to the time they give you of only twenty minutes; can be obtained with common troops.
  • Participate in events: you must be aware of these activities, and if you have time without playing, the programmers will place free gems in your email; also, after updates or if you are a frequent player.
  • To win 200 gems link to Facebook: to do this you click on where your profile photo appears, then a new click on settings and then click on the Facebook icon; Also, if you like when they host an event on the game page, you also get free gems.

Useful tips to get free gems in Rise of Kingdoms

You can get gems on official pages Rise of Kingdoms; all through gift codes that you will find on his Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Youtube, Twitch (in streams), and on his official website. They are published by the game developer, and they will be used for different improvements.

rise of kingdoms gift code

To use them, the first thing to do is click on your avatar, then click on the configuration icon and at the end you will see the button for said codes, on which you must click again; then you put the digits, which are for one-time use and for a limited time.

We can see that we have various possibilities to obtain for free more gems in the Rise of Kingdoms strategy game; which will help you to continue developing and organizing your action plan.

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