How to Get Free Rubies in Mario Kart Tour on Android or iPhone Legally

The classic, at some point, becomes a trend again. And what better example of this than Nintendo? This company, in short, has returned in a big way and has brought with it new versions of extraordinary video games.

One of the most important, without a doubt, has been Mario Kart Tour. Do you want to play it? Find out here how to get free rubies in Mario Kart Tour on Android or iPhone legally.

If you don’t know, you are in the right place. Since, in this article you will find all the necessary information for it. That way, you will get the most out of all the characters and Mario Kart Tour features.

The beginnings of Mario Kart Tour

After multiple attempts to become important again in the world of video games, Nintendo has finally made it. It has not been easy, since, in short, technology has advanced a lot. And the competition is no longer solely focused on video game consoles, but also on smartphones.

That was how, after the resounding success of the Nintendo Switch, it was time to reach the Smartphone. The work was relatively advanced, since in 2016 Super Mario Run had been launched.

However, for all those lovers of nostalgia, something much better came. Nintendo 64 classic Mario Kart hit app stores Android and iOS.

Total euphoria!

Without a doubt, it was one of the most anticipated games of 2019. In just one day, the game reached 20 million downloads. In just one month it already exceeded 100 million installations!

As long as you have a good range phone, you can enjoy the incredible features and playability of Mario Kart Tour. Although, of course, there are always ways to improve the graphics of Android games using GL Tools.

mario kart racing games

Download and install

Of course, the video game is not compatible with all mobile devices. Like everything, there are a number of requirements that must be met so that it works perfectly.

In the case of Android devices, Mario Kart Tour is available from version 4.4 In addition, your Smartphone must have at least 1.5 GB of RAM. While for iOS users, the game is available from version 10.0 of the operating system.

Get free rubies in Mario Kart Tour

Without a doubt, Nintendo has managed to regain the top spots in almost all rankings with Mario Kart Tour. And it is no wonder, it is, in short, one of the best racing games.

Mario Kart Tour preserves the essence that made it so popular in times past. All the characters from the Mario Kart saga are there. The way it is played has not changed much.

Some aspects caught the attention of users. Like, for example, the inability to play multiplayer without a golden pass. Nevertheless, these types of conditions have changed over time.

To play this and any video game, there is a goal. In this case, of course, it is to win. But what happens when you win a race? Well, you can get free rubies in Mario Kart Tour.

What are they for and how else to get them?

Getting free rubies in Mario Kart Tour is essential for get new characters. Similarly, thanks to these elements it is possible to acquire cars and unlock new tracks.

One of the most frequent ways to obtain rubies is by purchasing the packages offered by the Nintendo platform. Now, if you don’t have how to cancel one of these packages, you can perform certain tasks:

  • Winning cups.
  • Through daily rewards.
  • Use the Max Stars earned for completing races to open the “Season Awards”. These could contain rubies.
  • Rubies can also be featured as a way to reward yourself for leveling up. So, do your best to win the races!

racing mario kart phone

Time to get rubies!

As you can see Get free rubies in Mario Kart Tour on Android legally is very easy. You can always improve your mobile gaming performance to be more effective on the race track.

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