How to Get Gold Faster in Arena of Valor? – Helpful Tips and Tricks (Example)

The popular game Arena of Valor is one of the best alternatives to playing League of Legends currently. Its gameplay is quite similar, only with its own additional features. Among them, one of the most outstanding is the fact of getting gold faster in Arena of Valor to level up, win new heroes and obtain enviable reputation.

There are a number of ways to obtain the prized Arena of Valor currency, as well as a number of helpful tips and tricks to do so. If you want to start in the world corresponding to this game, the best way is by reading this tutorial to discover certain secrets. Thanks to them, eventually your progress will be greater than you initially expected.

What is the use of obtaining gold in AOV? Don’t you know yet?

Just as earning Influence Points in League is relevant to the game, gold is relevant to AOV as well. Its functionality varies according to the area where it is required to use, that is, within the game it has a great scope.

Leveling up is a key piece!

Getting gold faster in Arena of Valor means you level up more productively. Through gold and experience, you get the tools you need to improve your games, win them, and advance in the game. Now do you understand why it is so important? The influence of gold in Arena of Valor begins as soon as you start the game.

gold sand of value table

New heroes at your fingertips!

Arena of Valor is one of the MOBA-like games similar to LoL, whose story revolves around some incredible characters to fight against others. Using a certain amount of gold, you can buy the one that best suits your strategy.

You can buy new arcana

Regardless of whether you play on Nintendo Switch, Android, or some edition of Apple’s operating system, arcana are a momentous feature. An advantage of get gold faster in Arena of Valor is to buy more and more of them in order to improve your performance immediately.

Do you want to get gold faster in Arena of Valor? Follow these tips!

Emphasizing the above, there is evidence of a wide range of ways to get gold quickly. The game is quite versatile in this area, so you will not have to worry about never getting anything. There will always be one way or another win good loot.

The fastest way, win your battles

As you progress through the games and win the battles that are forged in each of them, the gold reward will be greater. Gradually, your chest of gold will fill to a point where you did not even imagine it, you just need skill.

Leveling up and up

Winning battles is also synonymous with leveling up, which is equally translates to new and improved rewards. The higher you get, the prizes inside the chest that you get with each level increase in quantity, including gold.

arena of valor panel

The first win of the day is vital

It seems that everything revolves around being able to win battles. When you start the first game of the day and are victorious, Arena of Valor awards you up to 100 gold units. So, push yourself and conquer your first game of the day to get gold faster in Arena of Valor.

Participate in all possible events!

Over time, Arena of Valor announces the arrival of a major event that brings together different personalities of the game. A good participation in these events, rewards the most outstanding with large sums of gold to enjoy.

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