How to Get Golden Weapons and Boxes in Overwatch Easily

The golden weapons were added to Overwatch, this with the intention of play the seasons and have a reward, here we will explain how to obtain these fabulous skins that the game offers through its boxes.

They are not that hard to come by; Next, we will show you some tricks to make it more fun to get them and enjoy their content. If you don’t know what type of game Overwatch is, we have a guide that may interest you. For those who have the question of knowing if Overwatch runs on their PC, they can see the minimum requirements that this game requires.

Overwatch’s competitive mode, designed to improve as a player

To get the golden weapons, you must first know that Overwatch has a competitive game mode. Unlike the other game modes available, this mode is based on the competitiveness of the players; which is based on your performance as a player.

It should be noted that the better we are as players, better rewards we will get in this mode. Competitive gameplay can go faster by applying this guide to improve performance and sensitivity in Overwatch.

Get the golden weapons of Overwatch quickly

There are two ways to get them, and for both you have to play the competitive mode:

  • The first and most complicated way is to play 300 competitive games without losing any; since for each victory, the game gives you 10 competition points. It should be noted that a tie is 3 competition points, and it takes 3000 in order to unlock a golden weapon. So the second way is more accessible for players who do not excel as much in competitive mode.
  • To explain the second way, it must be said that the competitive mode has a ranking system. This starts with the bronze level (100 competition points) and ends with the grandmaster level (300 competition points). The better our performance in competitive mode, the closer we will be to reaching the master level and we will earn many more competition points. To climb between the positions, the game assesses our level in each game; as is our ranking index, your work in competitive mode and obviously the number of games played. Here is the classification system:

get golden weapons with competitive overwatch mode

Tricks to get more loot boxes

The best known ways to get them are: leveling up or just paying to have them. We will give you some tricks to get these boxes that we like so much.

  • To the play with friends They give us 20% more experience and we manage to level up much faster, obtaining more boxes.
  • Playing the arcade modes we will get extra boxes; the more we play, the more boxes we will get.
  • It is important to choose long game modes, Since the longer the game, the more experience points they will give us and it will be easier for us to level up.
  • If we get some of the 3 medals (gold, silver and bronze) we will get extra experience and if we win the game, the experience will continue to increase.
  • The game has a series of bonuses that give us extra points when we play each game; the more we play, these bonuses will increase.
  • And finally, if we don’t want to waste so much time, we can pay for these boxes to find the items we want. But this does not assure anything, you can get something very basic, as well as something legendary. Therefore, it is recommended to use the game currencies to buy the skin, pose or phrase that we like the most.

overwatch competitive mode yellow box

These were some of our tips for get the best golden weapons and get our boxes in the game. We must not despair if we do not get what we want the first time, the key to being among the first levels of competitive mode is to practice a lot, learn from mistakes and most importantly: have fun.

Whereas, in the case of boxes, we must not get frustrated by not having what we want; you have to understand that it is a matter of playing a lot and put our advice into practice. From February 4 to 24, the Year of the Ox will be available in Overwatch, with entertaining game modes and many rewards for players.

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