How to Get Gunpowder in Minecraft Easily Without Effort (Example)

If you have installed Minecraft or the PE ‘Pocket edition and all the mods it is because you play frequently, therefore, it is important that you know that gunpowder is indispensable, especially to create TNT. However, it has other interesting functions such as the use of potions and even fireworks.

It can really be somewhat complex to get gunpowder in the Minecraft video game, the best known, used and easiest to do is killing creepersHowever, there are other alternatives that can be useful for collecting gunpowder and in the next article we will tell you about them.

Kill creepers

As we mentioned before, this is the best known method and for some, the easiest to get gunpowder. It must be made clear that not all creepers leave gunpowder. They can offer 0 to 2 units of gunpowder.

Now that you know this, you should know how to kill many quickly and without risking your assets. For this you will need several objects to facilitate the death of the Creepers.

Cross cacti on the Creeper’s path

The Cactus They are capable of hurting Creepers, so it is worth creating a cactus path so that when they chase you they will hurt themselves. This way you will not expose yourself too much and you can give them the last thrust with an iron sword.

Kill Creepers underwater

This method protect your healthas the explosions do not cause damage underwater. For this reason, you have to attract them to a place that is deep so that you can immerse yourself.

Minecraft Character Witch and Creepers

You will have to kill the Creeper before it explodes so that you can get the gunpowder, otherwise it will not be possible. The advantage of this method is that if it explodes, you will not suffer harm.

Kill witches

Despite the fact that the probabilities that witches drop gunpowder They are much lower than that of the Creepers, it is worth trying since after killing a witch, they drop many more objects. In this way, it is possible to get not only gunpowder, but valuable objects such as Glowstones and spider eyes.

To get witches you will have to locate the witch huts. You will recognize them because they are a wooden house and are in the surroundings of the swamps.

The easiest way to kill witches is with the bow and arrow. Avoid melee combat with them. If you draw the bow sufficiently before firing, you can kill the witch with three shots of your arrows.

The witches in addition to throwing potions that hurt, consume health potions that revitalize them, so the fight could drag on, so be prepared.

Hunt ghats

This is difficult enough for some as the Ghats are very dangerous creatures and difficult to defeat as they launch fireballs 16 blocks away. They are very large monsters with dangling tentacles that fly through the Nether.

However, it is worth trying to hunt these creatures since in addition to gunpowder, they release ghats tears, which is a useful substance for making potions.

The first thing you should do is create a portal to Nether using blocks of obsidian and fire. Before entering the portal it is recommended that you make yourself a diamond armor, a bow and arrows.

Minecraft character and item ghost and chest

A recommendation before starting the hunt is to create a glass barrier to be able to protect you from the fire that these creatures throw. As we mentioned, the bow and arrow will be the best weapon to try to kill them, since with three very tense shots you can kill a Ghats.

Once you attack it, get behind the barrier to protect yourself from the fireballs. You can also run to dodge the attacks. Try to kill the Ghats that are flying away from lava blocks, since if the gunpowder falls on it, you will not be able to collect it.

Loot chests

The last alternative is to loot chests and although it is a simple method, does not guarantee that you will get gunpowderBut at least you won’t take as many risks and you will be able to stock up on other useful items.

The first thing you should do is locate a dungeon and there you must place a torch so that monsters do not appear. Once placed, you can dig along the edges of the walls where the chests are located. Chests can give many objects, among them, gunpowder.

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