How to get hair or fur in ARK: Survival Evolved Where can I find it?

Between the most necessary objects is the hair or fur. Since you came here because you were curious about how to get thick skin in ARK, we answer you bluntly. First of all, you should know what animal gives fur in ARK, and luckily, there are many to kill to achieve your goal.

If you find yourself in the snowy biomeYou should look for the following: The omnivorous bear or by its English name ‘dire bear’, on the other hand, the castoroids, or giant beavers, you can find them near the water.

Similarly, you can get direwolf skin, or ‘direwolf’ in ARK in English, but, being in a pack, it can be dangerous to attack them. The Equus, easy to hunt with a boleadora, also give hair.

Should you find Megaloceros, as with the Procoptodon and otters, forget about them, they usually flee from attacks and this can attract the attention of other wild beasts.

Woolly rhinoceros are certainly strong, one way to kill them is by using arrows at a distance and height. The Megatherium or giant sloth, is an easy prey, usually entangled in trees.

Although the Yutiranos give skin, do not even think about facing one of them, on the other hand, after taming a dinosaur, the best thing you can do is attack mammoths with it, they shed a lot of hair when they die.

What can I do with the hair or fur in ARK?

If you also wonder, what is human hair in ark for, well, once the scissors are created, you can cut your hair and choose the hairstyle you want.

The effect is not immediate as you might imagine, instead, when cutting your hair, you must wait for it to grow back. However, now you can use your own hair to make certain tools that needed common fur.

Both hair and wool are useful for impersonate animal furAlthough, to make spears, you must have animal fur.

map to get fur in survival evolved ark

Fur has multiple uses in ARK, for example, the manufacture of insect repellent, which already by the name you can imagine the results.

Likewise, you can create bunk beds, they are very useful to ‘teleport’ from one place to another. In case of death, you can choose in which place (bunk) to appear, and also, keeping the ‘E’ key pressed, you can ‘travel’ to other used bunk beds.

Even though it’s cruel, after you’ve killed some Procoptodon, you can create a Procoptodon saddle (alive). Being possible to carry up to two passengers on the dinosaur.

A little less useful, you can also create plush rugs, although they are mainly for decoration, they reduce the noise of the footsteps.

Before entering the world of fur armor in ARK, you should know that the ‘Tek Sleeping Pod’ It is a structure that allows you to regenerate your life quickly and teleport to other places.

Where to get hair or fur armor for the snowy biome?

As in many survival games, the armor creation it is fundamental for the good development in the game. In the case of ARK, the complete armor is made up of 5 parts.

From the bottom up, we can count on the boots, the pants or ‘leggings’, the bib, the gloves, and the helmet. Total, you need 320 fur.

The fur helmet in ARK, you can get it with 56 items of hair or wool, and you can only get it from level 23 onwards.

On the other hand, to get the fur chest in ARK, you need to have at least 80 hair. These armors, although not very resistant to received damage, can prevent you from freezing in the snowy biome.

play ark to get hair or fur

As you can imagine, the snowy biome can be extremely risky without the corresponding armor, therefore a good armor of this type.

However, a large number of the creatures that we mentioned above to get fur are located in the snowy biome, so you will need search for mobs in other biomes.

Both the Megaloceros, as the otters, and the Procoptodon, are easy to find in any biome, however, we already mentioned how difficult it is to hunt them and obtain their wool. For their part, the Equus, megatherium and ovis are more manageable and easy to hunt.

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