How to Get Ice in Minecraft – Ice Block Generator (Example)

Through the following guide we will teach you how to get ice in Minecraft – Ice Block Generator, something very useful in case you require large amounts of this element.


Have you ever wondered what Minecraft is and why is it so popular? Minecraft is a video game Sandbox with multiple modalities, where the only limit is creativity. The truth is that, despite being several years old, it is still very popular with the public because it is very fun and allows players to take advantage of the imagination of the players.

The truth is that it is a very entertaining video game in which you will surely spend hours and hours. In turn exist many options in terms of gameplay, so we can make farms, raise animals, establish a shelter, and so on. If you have not yet installed it on your computer or mobile, you can access this video game from the official Minecraft website.

In the event that you are starting out in the video game and want to know what gives more experience in Minecraft, some tutorials like this one that we present below could be useful for you.

Farm in Minecraft

How to get ice in Minecraft – Ice Block Generator

Creating an ice generator in Minecraft is quite easy, it will only require a little ingenuity and some basic supplies (bucket of water, cobblestone, cobblestone slabs). Please read the following information carefully to learn how to make an ice block generator easily

Head to a snow biome and make a pool

It is recommended that you know how many biomes exist in Minecraft and what they are. Also, you should know that the only way to get ice It consists of locating a biome with snow since the cold is the determining factor that will produce the ice. As ice occurs naturally in the lakes that are within this type of biome, it is a suitable source to obtain this useful material.

Once you are inside the snowy biome, it will be necessary make a pool or fountain in which ice will be produced naturally. You must take into account that most of this surface, that is, the floor of the pool, must be covered with snow, since the contact of this with the water will be what makes the ice.

To make the pool, you can use any material that is capable of containing water, although we recommend using paving stone, because of the ease with which it is found, this will also be splendid for the walls containing the liquid.

On the other hand, in the event that the surface or floor of the pool is not large enough, keep in mind that you can enlarge itEven so, remember that most of that soil must be snow.

Ice farm

Prepare your pool to become a snow generator

Make a pool in a snow biome, it will make all the water inside it freeze, in any case, there is a trick with which we can prevent certain parts of the pool from becoming ice, which will help us with the process of generating snow very easily, in other words , create a snow farm.

To carry out this process it will be necessary to create a shadow over the pool water, this shadow will help the water not freeze. We will create this shadow using blocks, we recommend that these blocks be at a height of two blocks above the water level, in turn it is best to use slabs, being able to be of paving stone or any other material that generates shade.

In the same way, we recommend that you create a kind of cobblestone path that goes from one corner of your pool to another, in this way the amount of water will be enough to continue generating blocks of ice indefinitely.

How does our snow generator work and how to use it?

As you will see, it is possible to create a snow generator very easily in Minecraft, its operation is also quite simple. As we pointed out before, the areas in which a shadow is shown will not freeze, so these will serve as constant water supply.

This means that you can get ice very easilyas it will be generated quickly over time. Either way, you may at some point require water, so we recommend having a supply of buckets of this liquid.

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