How to Get Money Faster on Hay Day and Where to Spend It First (Example)

Hay Day is a video game where you will have to carry out your farm. Although there are other games or better alternatives to Hay Day; it is still very popular with young people. Our farm starts in bad shape and with a limited amount of animals and grains; but your strategy will make it rebound. Therefore, today you will learn how to get the money faster and what to spend it on first.

What is recommended to do when starting to play Hay Day?

You will start the game with a quantity some seeds, food and animals. So the most convenient is avoid unnecessary expenses and take certain measures:

  • You should always grow your own gardensOnly then will you have fresh harvests of different fruits and vegetables that you can sell later.
  • After having your first harvests ready, what follows in contact your neighbors to sell your products.
  • Always take care of your animals and don’t forget to feed them. The most important are chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and goats; of all of them you will be able to produce products to put on sale.
  • Try to go fishing every so often; sometimes very interesting things are achieved apart from the fish.
  • Avoid spending on clothes from stores; you can make your own outfit.
  • Try go out to find the hidden treasures every day.

With this you will have a good start in Hay Day; you will earn blue stars and spend few coins of gold, because you will have your needs covered. What you save in coins, you will then invest in production buildings and materials to continue improving your farm.

What are the blue stars on Hay Day for?

On Hay Day there are a certain amount of levels. Each level is won with a specific amount of blue stars; As you progress, items, achievements, rewards, and plots are unlocked, followed by upgrades to your farm. At that time, you will need to obtain materials and expansion permits to upgrade your farm in Hay Day.

There is a day going up to level 13

To unlock level 1 you need 27 stars, at level 2 you must collect 7, level 3 requires 14 stars and so on, up to level 300 that asks for more than 2 million stars. At each level, the number of stars required, is displayed as an experience bar.

The blue stars and the gold coins are equally important; you must find a balance between the two. The stars will give you access to new upgrades, but they won’t work if you don’t have coins to buy; just as you won’t be able to advance much in the game without the stars, even if you have a lot of gold.

How to get money faster on Hay Day and where to spend it first?

With gold you can buy everything whatever you need for your farm, including getting deeds, stakes, axes, and other items. Of course, everything according to the level you have. Therefore, it is important to know how to get them and what to spend it on.

hay day do business with friends

  • The purchase and sale of construction tools. From level 7 you can use the newspaper, where you will find useful things, saws or dynamite. Buy them in batch and then sell them individually.
  • Acquire crops that are in short supply in the wagon store, in the newspaper and then resell them.
  • Use the Hay Day store; You can sell anything while you have a free space, in a minimum period of every 20 minutes.
  • Get diamonds, upon receiving a purple ticket (next to the daily drawer). You should watch the video and at the end you will receive 2 of them. Although there are many useful tips and tricks to get free diamonds on Hay Day.
  • Event boards are much needed; You will find them in treasure chests, when you are collecting, or buy with diamonds.
  • Always try make everyday items like cream, cheese or butter.
  • Try to do and sell cakes, sugar and syrup separately. Set them the best possible price (10 or 20% less than the maximum price).
  • Avoid selling easy-to-do things and people already have it, like bacon or eggs.

With these tips, your farm will be guaranteed success. But competing alone is boring; so we recommend you share this post with your friends. Since, from now on they will be able get money faster on Hay Day and they will know what to spend it on first.

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