How to Get More Customers and Receive More Trips in the Uber App to Earn More Money

At the global level the situation is becoming difficult, perhaps we lost our job, we do not get or want a part-time job. Whatever the reason why we want a more accessible jobIt is therefore, alternatives such as DiDi and Uber are born to generate income, it is the latter that we will talk about. Uber is a platform that has innovated transport services, it has been of great impact for the countries that have it.

What is Uber?

The Uber app was created in 2009 in the United States, its creators are Garret Camp and Travist Kalanick. This platform originally from San Francisco, California was called UberCap, but in 2011 its creators called it Uber. This is a website that helps you find quick transportation to go to the destination.

Uber app, is a platform where you ask for the service By entering your name, location address and destination address, this platform quickly sends messages to the closest drivers and one of them accepts the request. This service is so interesting that apart from giving you discounts, it also has different forms of payment and must arrive in a maximum of 3 minutes.

uber takes you anywhere with good prices

Now, if the driver is too late, you can cancel the trip and request a refund of your money, also many of these drivers compete with each other because they want to more customers and more trips to earn more money. How to get more customers and receive more trips in the Uber App to earn more money. To get more customers and receive more trips in the Uber App, follow these simple tips that will help you a lot.

To get more customers in the Uber App

  1. If you want to have more clients, logic tells us that you should go out to work much more frequently, you must go through the most visited places such as passenger terminals, schools, universities, airports, plazas, bars; among others.
  2. After you are with him client, it is important that you be very empathetic, attentive, friendly and talkative without bothering them, the previous case should not limit you to trying to talk to them, since they may be shy.
  3. Have different types of music, ask the client if they want to listen to something in particular and proceed to put it on, remember from now on to start downloading different types of music, remember that there are different ages and tastes.
  4. Always keep your car well clean and organizedTo do this, every time you leave a passenger, proceed to check it.

To get more trips in the Uber App

  1. To get more trips, The first thing you should do is arrive in a maximum of 3 minutes, it will give you good scores.
  2. Visit those areas that your Uber colleagues do not like to frequent a lot and pay attention to the message, try to get to know the whole city well, since in this way the client will feel safer, it is important that you leave at peak times, 6 in the morning, 12 noon, 6 in the afternoon.
  3. Peak hours vary depending on the city where you are and also you cannot exceed 12 hours driving.

uber you can increase your earnings with effort

To get more money in the Uber App

  1. You must bear in mind that there is a daily limit of money you can earn and this is different in each country, if you work with UberX between 3 to 4 hours a day you can get weekly the amount between $ 400 or $ 500 on average.
  2. Also if you work between 8 to 10 hours a day You can get the amount of $ 1000 or even more weekly, the rate to be canceled is taken into account according to the following criteria: kilometers, waiting minutes, initial rate, among others.
  3. There is a system called Surge that marks on the map the places where the rate to pay is higher, if it appears it shows you the 1.4x element, this tells you that the present rate is going to be multiplied by 1.4.
  4. There are places where you shows the element in 3.5x and this is mostly in the early morning hours, You can also have candy, drinks, magazines and home parcel deliveries in your car, among others.

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