How to get more Influence Points in League of Legends? – Get more LoL Experience (Example)

League of Legends occupies one of the first positions within the games cataloged as “Electronic sports” Because it offers a large number of experiences and challenges that inevitably attract the user’s attention, the main objective being to get more influence points than the rest to stand out and have access to better rewards.

The more experience a user acquires with the passing of the games, the greater their presence in the game, promoting competitiveness among the community. Which allows unleashing a power struggle that every day has new chapters to determine who gets the biggest cut of influence points.

Take into account that if you are a beginner before reading here, you should take into account What is League of legends ?, so that you do not get confused.

Basic considerations before earning more influence points in League

First of all, if you are new to this world, you should know that influence points are nothing more than another currency that the game has to exchange for objects that are within reach of their value (that is why you should take into account how to put money in league of legends)

Unlike the Riot Points And similar to the Blue Essence, the influence points are acquired at the end of a game, mission or important event together with the experience that is added to the user’s counter. Which represents the improvement that it has undergone during the last battle that it executed.

The influence points can be more or less according to the way in which a certain game is won or if the player experiences a good streak for a long period of time. Being rewarded with a large number of these points and that can be stored to be used in a timely manner.

Getting more points of influence is subject to the possibility of being able to buy better “champions” inside the game. As well as various runes that in one way or another will be required in future battles. Which can serve as support to keep the power of the team high during a clash against other rivals.

lol beast

In the same way, the greater the number of influence points, the proportional will be the digit of experience that the user will obtain over time. Therefore, eventually your level in the game will increase greatly. Giving him the power to measure himself before “enemies”Different or have a direct ticket for larger events.

How can I access more points of influence?

The common way to get more influence points in the game is to win games and get ahead with your team. So that the amount obtained is flattering and that it is also greatly increased if you manage to find a devastating winning streak.

In one game, two teams of “champions“They dispute to be the first to put an end to the”Nexus”From the opposing team. To achieve this, they must go through a series of mini-events or obstacles that appear throughout the game time and that depending on the influence points of one or the other, a series of advantages will be unlocked.

If your team managed to get more Influence Points, this will give them the ability to unlock more champions and expand your party. As well as enabling the counter-selection option to choose a stronger champion at your convenience if applicable. It is important that you know who the League of Legends champions are perfectly to be able to play better and earn more points.

On the other hand, with more influence points, you can buy better runes for your champions. What gives them a “plus”Additional to face the situation that is manifested head on. Again, in order to have a better game and collect more points you have to know which are the most popular runes and what you have to choose from.

various lol stones

As a final point, there is a pre-paid alternative to improve the sum of influence points that are awarded at the end of a game. And this is through the purchase and use of RP to obtain packages that are divided into duration or games won. That is, they can be time-limited or remain active for x number of victorious games.

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