How to get my account back in Mercado Libre Why can’t I log in? – Solution

Free market is a web app for buying and selling products, in which you can publish new or second-hand things, it has a respectable security system and several help channels in cases of emergency or a scam.

It usually happens that we are going to make a purchase in Mercado Libre, and for some reason we lose access to our account, and we get stuck, luckily there are several methods that we can use to solve this problem, which is more common than it seems.

Why can’t I log into my account?

The reasons can be varied, but the most common can be, loss of the phone affiliated to the account; forgetting the password for it. You may no longer have access to your linked mailFor these cases, there are immediate solutions, and if in this case they fail, we can always contact the company directly.

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Another reason why you may not be able to access your account Free market; So your password was too old and expired, so you don’t have access until you change it.

On the other hand, a slightly rarer case is that your account has been victim of a hackerIn these cases, these criminals usually steal your information or your account with the intention of scamming others under your name, that is why they change your data and you can no longer access.

form to recover free market account to enter

In these cases the thing is more delicate and the service customer service It may take a little longer, because they would have to verify a series of data and the last connections, to verify that you are who you say you are, so it is recommended to change your password periodically, so you will be more secure.

How do I recover my account?

If you do not have access to your accountYou can use your mobile phone, if you have it active, you must enter the official page and go to the «access» section, and here you mark the option «I don’t know my password», this will give you the option to enter a code sent to your device, your phone is very important in your account, since it can be vital for the purchase by credit card.

In the case of not have your phone, for having misplaced or lost it, you can always have your email; since this is vital if you can access your account in any other way. You should receive a code to your email, with the instructions you must follow to change your password; and have access, normally this is limited to opening a link to change some of your data.

Ultimately, you will have to make use of an alternative account, if you do not have one you will have to create one, in order to do so. contact support; and to be able to report that you do not have access to your main account. Since this is not very common, you will have to explain very well what happened; so that they can take your data and proceed to reestablish your account.

Tips to avoid losing my account

When using applications like Free marketSecurity is very important, since you are working with your money, it can be, making a sale or buying an item, therefore, you must make sure that your data is safe.

girl recovers account in free market by not being able to enter

At the time of create your password, try to make it difficult to guess, to try to make it almost impossible for them to access it without permission; On the internet there are several password generators, which are totally free, in most of them; just mark the number of characters you want it to have and hit generate.

Another useful tip is to comply or complete all the measures recommended by the app; a strong password, a verified email, and something very useful, the two-step verification.

This way you can be more secure, since every time someone, or yourself, wants to enter your account, with all the data, a message will arrive on your cell phone, with a code; It will be necessary to access your account, following this you will have access to your account again and you can prevent losing it again.

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