How to Get my Shipping to be Free in Rappi with Rappi Prime? (Example)

If you are a user of the Home Services Apps, it is most likely that you have already used or still use Rappi, since this is one of the best options on the market. This is mostly due to the great deals and services they offer. With that in mind, today we will see how to get my shipment to be free in Rappi with Rappi Prime?

And, if you still do not know what the Rappi Prime service is, then you are very behind, because this function that was implemented in all the countries where said App operates, is the best they could have gotcausing even a debate about which is better Rappi or Uber Eats?).

How to get my shipping to be free in Rappi with Rappi Prime?

To go straight to the point that interests you and answer the initial question quickly, first you have to know what Rappi Prime is, because if you don’t know, you will be quite confused. This is a subscription service (like Netflix for example), which it can be paid monthly and annually.

What this service does is cancel the shipping costs for you, that is, you will never have to pay a commission percentage when you order any Rappi product (which is convenient for anyone).

Also with the same, you you will avoid the surcharges that are added on rainy days or when ordering at night, so you only have to pay for your food or material goods and nothing else.

rappi app

To activate this service it is necessary pay a monthly or annual fee, The cost of these varies depending on the country where you are, but it is almost never too expensive (it is recommended to pay for the annual version of this plan, because it allows you to save much more).

Also before you pay to get Rappi Prime, you can try the service free for 7 days, so that you can decide if you like it or not, and not waste your money in case it is a very poor service (which it is not).

How to get Rappi Prime?

Now, to get my shipment to be free in Rappi with Rappi Prime, you must go to the official website and there pay the price that is requested (on that page there is a button that allows you to activate the 7-day free trial option).

You can also choose to go to the App and display the test menu that appears on the right side of the screen, there will be the option “Rappi Prime”, In which you can either activate the trial or pay to obtain the service.

Other benefits of this service

As the process for get my shipping free on Rappi with Rappi Prime, it is time to see that other benefits apart from the withdrawal of the shipping cost offers the subscription.

a rappi server

The first of these is a bonus to ask for Rappi favors, the second is a monthly discount which can be used on the product you want. The third is the fact that 90 points will be received in the rewards section for renewing the subscription.

And the last one is that you get a Premium support which will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (they will attend you by mail, the same App or with their customer service phone). This to avoid any inconvenience that may arise and ensure the operation of your application.

With that it is already clear not only how to get my shipment to be free in Rappi with RappiPrime. If not also the benefits that this service brings when it is activated. As a recommendation you should give this subscription at least one chance, because when using it you will notice how much you can save in a very short time.

It should be noted. What should you know? What is the Rappi application and how does it work? Because if you are a newbie who does not even know how to cancel or edit an order in Rappi, then it will be useless to have this subscription, since you will only have it as an ornament.

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