How to Get Obsidian and with what spike in Minecraft What can I make with Obsidian?

Video games have long been used as a means of entertainment and to pass those boredom times. With the passing of time, these have adapted to the new requirements of the growing population of players.

These users are what make video games what they are today, for this reason over time they have been forced to develop better games. In this way, it is currently possible to have a large number of categories.

These categories are used to classify the different types of video games that currently exist, among the most famous are action and adventure games. Recently adapted to a style of open world.

What is obsidian and where to get it?

Among the most famous games of recent years is the very popular Minecraft game, an exploration game where players can interact with each part of the game. The popularity of this game has been such that it has positioned itself as one of the most widely played and widely accepted games.

Minecraft game

The constant development and evolution of the game has led to the launch of a series of new versions, which have much more advanced features than the previous ones. In Minecraft you can play with people from all over the world and have incredible adventures.

In version 0.30, an element called “Obsidian” was added, which has a dewy black appearance. This is a very strange item to get in the game, It usually occurs when two streams meet, one of lava and one of water.

For this reason, to achieve this element it is usually a bit complete, but with a little technique it can be elaborated very easily. When streams of water and lava come together, a rock is created, but under the right conditions Obsidian emerges.

Also, it is usually presented on top of a lava blockWhen you find a block of Obsidian you have to take advantage of it. For this reason, it is extremely important to know how to go about collecting it.

With what pick can you collect Obsidian?

It is very important to be clear that not just any peak is suitable for collecting Obsidian, when trying to mine it you will be able to notice it. If it is done with any pick, the block will overflow and it will be impossible to collect it.

The pickaxe that obsidian should be mined with must be a pickaxe diamond, this is the right pick to collect it effectively. The time it takes to mine this element with the diamond pick is usually approximately 7.5 seconds.

In the case, if you do not have a diamond pick, it can be manufactured very easily, you just have to look for one mine of diamond and make it with a little wood. Upon finding the Obsidian item, this pick will be used to successfully collect it.

What can be made with Obsidian?

It is common to wonder what it is for or what can be manufactured with the Obsidian element, since if it is a difficult element to obtain, what is it used for. If this is the case, in this article, it will be known that it can be manufactured with Obsidian.

One of the most common things this item is usually collected for is to create a portal to hell. On average, 10 to 14 blocks of Obsidian should be used to make this portal. In the same way, it is a material very resistant to explosions and attack, so it is often used to make Bunkers. In the same way, it is an element used to create enchantment tables and cast spells.

Minecraft game,

When it comes to decoration, Obsidian is an element widely used to decorate the house and corridors thanks to its appearance. As if that were not enough, it is used to make headlights, you can also craft and order an Ender chest.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you, however, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to get Obsidian by following these steps? What other things do you know that can be made with Obsidian in Minecraft? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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