How to Get or Catch Milk from Wyvern or Wyvern in ARK: Survival Evolved Can you Tame or Breed a Wyvern?

In ARK: Survival Evolved you must survive with several tricks, for this reason we have many solutions and potions for different purposes, either for our own consumption or for a third party. The Wyvern or Wyvern It is a creature with physical characteristics similar to those of a dragon, and its milk can grow its young.

The offspring of these creatures they need milk of Wyvern for its development as a strange and powerful species. If you don’t know how or where to get this milk, to feed your wyvern, and you want to know what all this Wyvern brood is about, read on.

What is Wyvern or Wyvern milk in ARK: Survival Evolved and what is its expiration time?

A Wyvern or Wyvern It is one of the exotic and impressive, both in capacities and quantities, of the creatures that are available in the survival game ARK: Survival Evolved and other of its variant games. They have characteristics very similar to that of a tailed dragon with spikes, and they are astonishingly powerful.

This kind of heraldic dragon It is found in the game, especially in the expansion with the name Scorched Earth, and there are several types: fire, poison, among others.

It can be said that it is a dragon that feeds in its infancy, solely and exclusively on the milk of your spice, that is, the milk of the wyvern, to have a faster development. This product of the creature represents for the human 100 of life and food.

The Wyvern milk has an expiration date of 9 minutes, only this time, for human consumption. It is a packed object with 0.1 weight and a stack size of 1.

wyvern creatures ark game

Although the expiration time for humans it is so little, this time will also depend on the container where it remains: 30 minutes expires in normal inventory; this is for the consumption of the wyvern themselves. In a tamed creature it can expire an hour, and in a reserve drawer up to 3.

The expiration time could be increased if there is conservative salt in the user’s inventory, it is a fact to take into account so that the wyvern’s milk is kept for your purposes.

What is Wyvern or Wyvern milk for in ARK: Survival Evolved and what can you do with it?

This Wyvern product in ARK it has very important properties, which makes the milk suitable for consumption, not only for the creature but also to be consumed by the players, that is, for human consumption. After getting the milk, you can save your ARK game, don’t forget.

Wyvern’s milk is then very versatile in the growth of young, the small and adolescent wyverns. The growth that these creatures have when they are fed only with milk is very accelerated when compared to that which occurred when feeding with other products such as meat.

This milk is capable of granting the enormous amount of 1200 points of food to the young, this is important, if you want or intend to raise one of these ferocious dragons.

It should be noted that, in addition to being a powerful nutrient that makes the young grow, this milk can enhance and improve the imprint.

wyvern milk puddle in ark survival

And other extremely important fact: As you must already imagine, from what was said above about the 100 points of food and life that it grants for humans, it is possible for own consumption. But it also contains properties that make the survivor immune to the well-known minor diseases.

How to catch the milk of Wyvern, can you raise this creature?

The main and only The source of this milk is the inventories of the same ARK creatures both by night and by day. Wyvern have the capacity to store significant quantities of units of milk.

Harvesting consists of putting the adult wyves, both females and wyves alpha (independent of sex), unconscious. Once in this state, it will be possible for you to extract the units from your inventory.

One fact to take into account is that these creatures regain consciousness quickly, so you must kill her or return her to her unconscious state, to continue collecting milk units. This will help you to feed your wyvern hatchlings, and even to start tame.

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