How to Get or Farm Silk or Silk in ARK: Survival Evolved – Useful Tricks

Ark: Survival Evolved is a video game of open world, which is incredibly extensive. This is because the game developers want to bring an experience in which the user enters a dynamic world, with its own animals and unique characteristics.

Among these are the fantasy animals like wyverns, dragons, golems, and there is even a way to find griffins, which are very rare within the game. These are very easy to recognize for fantasy and D&D lovers.

Just as it seeks to emulate an almost real experience, the game has to take into account that in environments there are different types of biomes that specifically affect the ways of life of the flora, fauna and intelligent life that inhabit them.

The user, with the correct permissions, also has permission to modify these aspectssuch as the day and night cycle, which can be learned through the time change guide.

Because the Ark: Survival Evolved map itself it was extremely big and no more elements could be added to it, the developers began to invest in the creation of DLC or downloadable content, which work to expand the map and allow the user endless new experiences in a whole new world. If you are interested in free DLCs, here are the best free ARK: Survival Evolved maps.

Among the DLC’s that the video game has, one of them is the ARK: Scorched Earth. This transports you to a world desolate by humans and taken by a arid nature, against which you must fight to have a place in that environment.

player on a lymantria

The need to develop new techniques to survive makes the user have to farm silk or silk. This is because the silk offers protection very good in desert environments, and its lightness makes it easy to carry and allows wind circulation.

How to farm Seda / Silk in Ark: Survival Evolved (Lymantria)

It is important to highlight that silk is a resource that only found in Ark: Scorched Earth, which is a DLC. To achieve this, there are two main farming methods, both are easy to perform and do not require high levels from the player, in addition to certain basic tools such as a Scythe and a saber. This is because the first method consists of obtaining it through animals.

In Scorched Earth, there are oasis sections which are used by many types of game animals who seek to replenish their natural needs due to the game’s very realistic feature. Therefore, if the player goes to the lakes where the animals drink water, he will be able to get many types of animals, among them, the Lymantria, which looks like a giant moth.

Wait for one to land in the lake or throw a projectile at him so that it falls from the sky. Once on the ground, it will be easy to kill them and with an ax, extract the silk from their corpses. There are other players who, instead of killing them instantly, tame them, raise them and then create Lymantria farms for a high production line.

How to get Silk with a Scythe

It is important to note that, in our real world, silk can be obtained by many methods, and therefore, in Scorched Earth this pattern is followed. In addition to gathering silk from animal carcasses, the user can go to the mountain slopes, where you will find a rather peculiar and outstanding type of flower due to its color and shape.

ark silk purple plants

Once the flower is located, the user you only need a scythe to be able to extract the silk. It is important to note that the amount of silk that each flower produces is randomly generated, so despite being easy, it is not always a reliable method to obtain large quantities and make larger constructions such as camping tents.

If you wish download Ark: Survival Evolved, There is good news because it is available in the Steam catalog for PC, and with an 80% discount it is a very attractive offer to be entertained in times of quarantine.

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