How to Get or Get More Followers in the Zepeto App in a Simple Way

Since its launch in 2018 Zepeto has gained a lot of popularity. This App, so to speak, has reinvented the concept of creating your own Emoji by allowing you to create your own animated avatar, with features that you can modify yourself to make it as close to you as possible.

You can also transform this avatar into stickers, take photos of it to have it profiled on your social networks or dress it with a unique and crazy style. The best thing about this App is that it is also a social network, which allows you to interact with people from all over the world.

You are here because you want to get more out of the social network that is Zepeto, getting more followers for your virtual world. Well, here we will tell you not one, but three very simple ways to achieve it.

Get more followers in the Zepeto App

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Before you start, the most important thing you should do to get followers on Zepeto is be active in the App, that is, being in constant interaction with other users in the virtual world, as well as making sure to give your avatar and your home an original touch.

zepeto avatars

Do not stay with just giving your avatar a normal appearance, the App has many options so that you can try different styles, from clothes, change hair, add incredible accessories, to continue modifying the avatar’s face to make it more like you, This way you will attract the attention of other people giving you many followers. With this in mind, know the three ways to get more followers in Zepeto.

Ways to get more followers in the Zepeto app

Way 1

  1. You are going to enter the Zepeto App and click on the option «Style» or «Style» in case you are just trying this App and you have not changed the language
  2. Doing this will take you, so to speak, to Zepeto’s Instagram. It is a space where people publish the styles of their avatars and you can also buy those styles to give more accessories to your character
  3. Now the following is very simple, you are going to like and follow all the users you can

zepeto app

If you follow these steps, what you will achieve is to make yourself known, making people follow you and achieving your goal of having more followers. The good thing about Zepeto is that it is a community of very sociable and friendly young people, that’s why We assure you that you will have triple the number of followers in a short time. If this didn’t work for you, try this other way.

Way 2

  1. Go to the App and at the bottom of your screen press the image of your avatar with the plus sign «+»
  2. Now, what you will do is choose four poses for your avatar. This is how to make a Storie that will appear on Zepeto’s Instagram, which we mentioned earlier
  3. After choosing the poses that you like the most for your avatar, the App will give you a series of options to change the background to your liking, you can even appear with a pet or with one of your friends in the App
  4. Then you must put a phrase or a thought for your friends to know you. You will do this in the place where it says «What’s on your mind» or «What’s on your mind?» Place the word «follow me and I follow you», it is important that you put it in english, since most users speak that language
  5. Now make sure that the option «save and upload to feed» or «Save and upload to feed» is active, then press «Release» to finish and publish your avatar
  6. With this, go to «Profile» or Profile, then enter «Follower» or «Followers» to see your new followers and make sure you follow them, as you must follow through on what you say.

Way 3

  1. You’re going to go to a city in Zepeto, then you’re going to choose a message for people let them go through the city and they give you click to meet you
  2. In the message put «Hi follow me and I will follow you» or «Hello follow me and I will follow you«
  3. Stay in the city for a while and click on the people to meet and follow them, then go to your profile and as we explained before go to «Follower» and follow the new people who are following you

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