How to get or make my mobile battery last much longer if it lasts very little

When we buy a phone, always we hope to pay for the best in the market. A device that has the tools we need to carry out our daily tasks. All this hand in hand with a battery whose charge does not reach enough to not leave our phone for a signal to connect the charger.

However, we do not always make this happen. This is when we need to know tricks to be able extend the charging life of our phone’s battery. All this without compromising your useful life or that of our equipment.

How to get or make my mobile battery last much longer if it lasts very little

Regardless of the operating system that your mobile has, there are some tricks or tips that we are going to tell you to make your mobile battery last much longer if it lasts very little. It should be noted that some cheats can only be used on newer equipment.

Energy save mode

It is perhaps one of the most common options and for obvious reasons the first option when we think about extend battery life from our mobile. Although it consists of activating the energy saving mode, which is an option that we can find in the settings of our phone.

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Disable apps you don’t use

Our phones come with some mobile applications from the factory. Therefore, deleting them is impossible without the proper permissions. These applications usually run in the background and consume battery without us noticing.

That is why we must go to the configuration of the applications, then we look for each of these applications and we disable them. Thus, they will not be able to run in the background.

Use only the necessary shine

Unless we are visually impaired or outside, screen brightness should be kept to a minimum level. Remember that exposing our eyes to a high brightness of light for a long time can cause eyestrain and in the long term it can have worse consequences.

You can also program your phone so that when it is done at night, lower automatically the brightness of your screen and prolong the charging time of your battery.

Why do we need our mobile battery to last much longer?

The phone is a device that allows us to perform so many tasks that it is difficult for us to imagine a day without it. As well, many people need it to be able to work others just for entertainment. But something we all have in common is the need for our battery to last longer.

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This need has been pursuing us since the invention of the mobile phone. Well, dependence on a charger is something that we limit the use of these devices. However, it does not mean that we cannot take advantage of it.

Perhaps this is one of the ways in which we we can take a break from the phone and enjoy other things that our life presents us. Or, carry out those tasks that we always postpone due to issues with our telephone.

Which operating system has the best battery performance?

Although the companies that design the phones strive to get a battery that lasts much longerThe truth is that we will always find a way to be nonconformist in the face of these changes. Well, we are used to expecting more than one device with each of its advances.

Devices with the Android operating system are the ones ahead of the best battery performance. This regardless of the brand of the device, be it Samsung, LG, Motorola, among others. The new devices of this operating system provide more and more hours of use before recharging the battery.

However, if we had to talk about the iPhone equipment and its iOS operating system, it is necessary to clarify that the performance of the battery it is well below Android devices. So much is the dissatisfaction of users about the battery life time on iPhones, that the memes on this topic are the most popular social networks.

That is why, without precedent, if you want a device that has enough battery life to watch a marathon of your favorite Netflix series no need to connect charger. Then you must buy a device from the latest range of Android phones.

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