How to get or make wings in Minecraft and how do they work? (Example)

You have probably already seen the wings in Minecraft this very interesting object that allows you to do something that many yearn for, fly and plan with great agility. But getting these wings may not be as simple, as other elements, in Minecraft, wings are a very precious asset in the inventory.

What must you do to get wings in Minecraft?

First, we must mention that these wings with elements that they cannot make directly, that is, their natural origin is not known. These wings are commonly known among users as Elite or Elytras and being something so precious, they are in a way reserved for the oldest users.

With this we refer to the fact that the Elytras can only be found in an End City, yes, that dimension of the end of the game where it is so difficult to get to as a beginner, End City is one of the biomes of the game.

Something that adds to this is the fact that not all End City have Elytras, just some of them, but we will explain how to know if the city is worth exploring.

Find wings in Minecraft in an End City

These wings are said to be somewhat reserved for older players, this is due to the fact that finding them requires some skills.

Firstly, you need to create the End portal, one of the most ambitious creations within Minecraft due to its materials. Once you have your portal created and activated, you must prepare for what it will take to get a pair of wings, it is time to take a little risk.

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Normally, in almost every End City there is a Dragon which you must kill if you want to enter the city, something quite risky for your character. Having managed to defeat the Dragon of the End, you must go through the city, looking for a ship, which are usually in a kind of dock.

These boats are quite small and only Shulkers are found on their deck, you must access it very carefully and paying a pearl of ender. Generally, after a lot of fighting, you will be able to access the ship, you must look for a chest, where it is generally the only place where the wings can be found in Minecraft.

How do wings work in Minecraft?

It is necessary to clarify that these wings do not allow “to fly” Specifically, it would be better to say that they allow “to plan”, because they only work in drop. Yes, as you just read, you can only glide with these wings, although there are some ways to enhance their use, for now, we will explain how they work.

When you want to glide, you need to fall from a high structure, jump into the void and this will make your wings unfold, you can fly with moving the camera. To do this, handle the camera carefully, very abrupt changes of direction can cut the flight and reduce speed. You must turn carefully.

On the other hand, to gain speed and height, the camera must do some games, first, for speed, it is necessary to go down, this increases the speed to the maximum. But, to gain height you must go up, but with a high speed, because this will be what helps you climb, try little by little and soon you will be an expert.

White wings

How to enhance the flight of Minecraft wings?

You need to keep in mind that, in order to improve your flight or glide, you will need to have some things in your inventory. Among them, you must handle the propellants, such as fireworks rockets, that you can hold in your hands while flying and activate them.

You can use water jets with a trident enchanted with Riptide, which allow you to enhance your flight in water, rain or during a storm.

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