How to Get or Reserve Hours in Glovo? – Glovo Distributors

Lo Glovo distributors can adapt their schedule according to their availability and preferences. In this sense, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to get or reserve hours at Glovo? – Glovo deliverymen

What are “Glovo distributors”?

Glovo distributors or “Glovers” are workers who are dedicated to transport and deliver orders established by customers through the company’s platform. Delivery drivers can work at Glovo without being self-employed. In this way, employees behave as collaborators of the company.

How is the work of the delivery men organized?

The Glovers’ work is organized into function to orders. Regarding how much you can earn in Glovo, the Glovers charge 2.80 euros for each order and 5 cents are added for each minute of waiting after the first five minutes of having arrived at the company where the product will be delivered. 30 cents are also added for each kilometer traveled.

Glovo delivery men

How to get or reserve hours at Glovo? – Glovo deliverymen

To be able to book or reserve hours in Glovo, it is necessary that the Glovers or messengers keep a good score. From there it will be possible to have the privilege of choosing the most convenient time. Pay attention to the indications that we offer you below.

How does the schedule system for Glovo dealers work?

Initially, the Glovers or “collaborators”Of the Glovo company can only work on weekends. Then some days of the week are added. However, the days with the highest number of orders are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

As the Glovers’ work progresses, points are accumulated that administers the Glovo evaluation system. This system depends on the activity of the distributors. This means that if the courier performs flawlessly during his start in the company, he will be able to choose a flexible schedule after a certain amount of time.

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How does Glovo evaluate its distributors?

The Glovo company operates a punctuation system for his messengers. For this, establish a schedule on Monday and Thursday at four in the afternoon. Therefore, the dealer can choose his schedule according to the score he has so far.

A good score will depend on the Assignments accepted by the dealer. For this reason, it is not recommended to reject orders as this could affect the score reducing the possibilities of choosing a flexible schedule.

Glovo App Download

In order for you to get or reserve hours in Glovo, it is essential to have been hired by the company and be registered in the App to be part of the group. This App allows couriers to receive and make deliveries, organize their schedule and notify Glovo.

In addition, the Glovo App stores a daily record of orders, daily income and the grade you accumulate over time. To take advantage of this App, you must have a Smartphone and activate the GPS service.

Use the Glovo App

Once you download and install the Glovo App, you must access it and register as a delivery person. The system will offer you orders that you must accept to proceed to make each delivery in less than an hour. The more orders you attend, the more income you have for each day you work.

It is recommended that you have an availability of between 6 and 8 hours a day if you want to perform like Glover. As you receive orders, the system makes your schedule more flexible so that you can choose the turn (morning, afternoon or night) and the hours provided by the company.

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What are the best hours to receive orders?

It is recommended that you verify what are the hours in which a more orders. In this way, you can adapt your schedule in order to reserve those hours. It all depends on your availability, the type of vehicle you use and your score in the company. As there are several work options of this type, it is convenient that you consider who pays more and better: Glovo, Rappi, Deliveroo, among others, before offering your services as a delivery person.

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