How to Get or Win Diamonds, Money and Free Food at Wonder Zoo Is it possible?

One of the most popular games for the Android platform in the strategy genre is Wonder zoo, a game created by the well-known game developer Gameloft that can be a good alternative to Hay Day, another game developed by the same company that you can download in the Google Play Store.

What is Wonder Zoo?

Wonder Zoo is a game with great 3D graphics in which with the help of your team of professionals in various disciplines you will have to rescue as many animals as possible.

And protect them from a sinister hunter and his lackey who try to capture the families of wild animals, for this you will have to feed and take care of them within your reserve for animals.

in Wonder Zoo you will be able to explore in 7 different maps, among which are the savannah, the jungle, mountainous biomes, the polar region and the prairie.

wonder zoo habitats

Within the game you will be able to find all kinds of animals among the most common such as lions, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, rhinos, kangaroos among others, and you can also find legendary species like a phoenix, unicorns and you can even travel in time in the past to get any species of dinosaurs, or to the future to be able to have even aliens.

You will have a large number of variants of objects to be able to customize your reservation to improve its appearance, you can decorate it with wells of wishes, restaurants, plants, and gift shops for improve visitor experience who decide to visit your animal reserve

In order to obtain the necessary resources, food and habitats for our animals we will need to have a good amount of money or better yet a good amount of diamonds, which are the most expensive currency in the game and the hardest to get, unless you decide to pay with your real credit card or know some tricks to get these diamonds for free.

Is it possible to get or win diamonds, money and free food in Wonder Zoo?

Getting diamonds at Wonder Zoo is a bit of a chore; but they are undoubtedly a very useful resource when it comes to wanting to buy things.

To be able to get them in the game you will have to make an effort, that is, play fair and obtain them honestly as the game expects, there is an alternative to get the diamonds in Wonder Zoo and it is the same way they use to get money in clash of clans, through certain tricks and traps that exist.

These tricks or cheats existed as applications in the Google Play Store; that little by little they were eliminating because the game I stop allowing them at a certain point.

Today there are still some, but before using them you must be aware that the moment Wonder Zoo detects the cheat or trick, it will permanently block the game; and will erase all the progress you have in it, causing you to lose everything with no option to recover your data.

man playing wonder zoo

Yes even then you decide to risk Next we will show you which pages and applications are able to help you get free diamonds for Wonder Zoo, in order to use them it is necessary that you have downloaded the Wonder Zoo game on your phone

Game guardian

Game Guardian is an application that will allow you to generate diamonds for free and quickly; this application allows to modify certain values ​​of the game running as a kind of hack.

In which when downloaded it will appear as a floating icon on the home screen of your phone; To start modifying the game you will simply have to open Game Guardian and after that select the game you want to modify and choose the option you want to change.


TrukoCash is a page that works as a hack for the games you want; to start modifying the data you want from the game you have to access the Trukocash page. Once you are in it, you will have to write your username and choose the tricks that you want to apply to your account; after that, enter the game and enjoy the tricks.

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