How to Get Ore or Element Fragment in ARK: Survival Evolved Easily

In the best known survival video game, ARK: Survival Evolved, we have large amounts of objects and very useful resources for the manufacture of various compounds that will serve our survival and continue until reaching the Tek level, where everything is more advanced.

This level has impressive and sophisticated manufacturedWell, you can’t expect less. One of the most used resources for this point of the game are the mineral, in general, and the Element. If you want to know why they are important, and where to get them, keep reading.

What is the ore and item shard in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Within the top 8 resource categories in the ARK: Survival Evolved video game, there is a group that is valuablely important in survival. This group bears the name of Minerals and is composed of the well-known black pearl, obsidian, oil, metal, stone and others of utmost importance in various recipes.

Minerals are characterized by being essential ingredients, as they are found around the entire map, in the various biomes, and participate in the making or construction in the different levels within the game ARK: Survival Evolved.

For its part, the element fragment also participates in the construction of various objects in the different levels of the game, especially in the Tek level, where it is essential for the elaboration of tools that will be used in the survival of that level.

Quest for shard and ore in ark

In the case of minerals, the characteristics can be varied and these have certain measurements between the stack size and weight that differ from each other, between the various minerals. For the other case, the element fragment, it has some important characteristics to mention: it has a weight of 0.05 and also a stack size of 1000, what a barbarism!

What are the Ore and Element Fragments for in ARK: Survival Evolved?

To answer this question, we can easily start with the function of minerals, naming some of them, and then move on to the list of items built from the item fragment in ARK: Survival Evolved.

One of the best known minerals is metal, and from this you can build objects and tools such as a trough, radio, compasses, among others. We also meet obsidian, known as Obsidian¸ allows the construction of magnifying glasses, polymer and even a trophy base.

Stone, a basic mineral, is used to build vital tools such as torches and matches, pots, stone pipes, a fire, a mortar, among others. There is also the oil, with which you can build grenades, industrial pots and forges, a silencer, etc.

Now, it’s time to talk about the ARK: Survival Evolved element fragments: they serve as a source of energy. It is mainly used on the Tek level, and can power, for example, the famous Tek Cloning Chamber. It can also be used as fuel for the Tek generator and the Tek¸ turret, the ultimate tool and weapon that helps to survive against dinosaurs attacks.

Where can I get ore and the item shard in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Commonly, metal is referred to as a mineral, which it is, but it is not the only one; However, now we are going to call metal that way, we will call it mineral.

In this sense, the mineral can be found in different parts of the map, mainly its location is in certain giant rocks, especially the rocks of the largest mountains of the mountainous biomes. It is also present in all the rivers on the map and within some caves.

boy plays ark in search of fragment or ore

Both metal and stone picks can be used for mineral extraction. And finally, the quintessential source of this resource is obtained by killing acquaintances ankylosaurs.

On the other hand, element fragments also have extraction sources but something important needs to be clarified: fragments are manufactured from of the Element, and this is obtained after killing the bosses, and the amount extracted will depend on the difficulty of these.

Then, by means of a tek 3d printer, these fragments are obtained, 100 of each Element. That is, they are ingredients from a manufacture of another important resource.

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