How to Get Perfect Skies in My Photos with Luminar 3 – Quick and Easy

In the world of publishing, one of the favorite activities for users, from professional profiles to anyone who has fun or entertains at edit your photos, a new option little known until now comes out, Luminar 3, and it is very effective in quick editing.

Luminar 3 has a ease of use and learning like that of the most basic editors, and tools that make it compete with professional editors like Adobe Lightroom.

What is Luminar 3 and what can it do for us?

When it comes to edit photos With filters, contrast, lighting, among other simple things in this art, we tend to use basic options such as the default editor of our mobile or that of other applications that serve more as a social network, such as Instagram, or even others where the product does not contains watermark.

In the case of today’s editor, Luminar 3According to some experts and image editing professionals, this option with editing tools is excellent. They base their opinion on the simplicity with which it can be edited, and the possible effects to be executed.

It is an editor with a simple interface, very simple and common if it can be said, with a set of options to improve and facilitate the user’s work, be it this professional in the edition or simply an amateur who wants to post their photos on Facebook.

perfect skies photo editing with luminar 3

And it is possible to edit like a professional thanks to its tools and peculiarities such as the power customize portfolio, which is not unrelated to this editor, and to be able to easily work on projects with a significant saving of time.

Why is Luminar 3 so good at editing my photos?

The qualifier of good or efficient to describe or adjective to a software like Luminar 3 will depend on the purpose or objective that we have as editors; however, we are talking about an application very versatile and of good quality, enough to say that it works for many users, regardless of the reasons for its edition.

As already mentioned in the previous section, this application has looks, which is a term used to refer to filters in another way, that although they are not the best filters to edit, which applications such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop can do, the truth is that they are good.

In addition, as already mentioned, the interface of Luminar 3 is excellent and easy to understand and manipulate for our purposes. In the program you can see a single window where you can find the different tools to start using them, and this can be personalized, which is the best.

Another aspect coupled with this last point is that Luminar 3 has the option of making a catalog selection, and this allows a greater development to users who like to have organized the set of all their photographs.

How do I quickly and easily improve perfect skies in my photos with Luminar 3?

One of the important aspects is that Luminar 3 has artificial intelligence tools, which serves for example to improve perfect skies.

photo editing with luminar 3

Now, we have reached a tool for specific and direct use in Luminar 3: the sky improver; and we will teach you how to improve perfect skies in your photos quickly and easily.

First of all, within Luminar 3 we have several options. In this case we are going to give the landscape option, so that in this way all the options that Luminar has for us can be organized a little more.

By clicking on landscape, they will appear immediately two tools amazing with artificial intelligence technology, so that we can directly use them.

We can use either of the two, individually or also a combined effect of them. We recommend you first use the Accent Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, and we will give the hue to the sky, applying a HDR effect.

On the other hand, you can use the second tool: Sky Enhancer, which causes an effect similar to that of a camera polarizer.

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