How to Get Rust Cloth Easily – Rust Cloth (Basic Guide)

Rust has been gaining popularity recently. If you have already tried the best server of this game in Spanish, but you still don’t know how get fabric in Rust easily, this is the article for you. Next we will leave you a basic guide so that you can get this versatile resource.

Starting to play Rust can be quite shocking at first, as you have no instructions or directions to follow. You’ll just show up naked somewhere, and one of the first things you’ll have to do is, of course, get dressed. That is why in the next section we will tell you how to get fabric in Rust.

How can I get cloth from Rust?

In order to play Rust, you must get hold of different resources throughout your survival journey. For example, you will have to get wood, stones and others to make constructions, weapons and accessories, among other elements that will help you advance in the game.

One of the resources you should get is fabric. Unlike Minecraft, for example, where you can craft a loom to make banners and other fabrics, in Rust you must follow others steps to get it. However, you should not worry, as below you will see how to achieve it easily.

There are various ways to get fabric in Rust. The first of these is killing animals (such as wolves, foxes or deer) with the ax. With this you will get the skin of these animals, from which you can generate fabric, hides and blankets if you wish.

get fabric in rust

Another way to get fabric in Rust is collecting it from somewhere through which you are passing. Remember that the game is based on a post apocalyptic scenario, similar to the style of The Hunger Games, so do not hesitate to take what you need when you can.

The last way to get fabric is looting other players. Again, in this game whoever hits first hits twice. Try to take advantage of when you get a player lying on the floor, as this means that they are not online and will not even know about the attack until they connect again.

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What is fabric for in Rust?

If you haven’t started playing Rust yet while waiting for the console release date, you might be wondering, why do I need to get cloth? As you will see below, this it is a very versatile resource and necessary within the game. It has multiple uses, either as an element itself or to build other artifacts.

Of course, the first use that comes to mind when thinking about fabric is clothing, and the same thing happens in the game. As you initially appear naked, you will have to make clothes to withstand weather conditions. And the best thing is that you can choose what to wear, be it vests, pants, among others.

The fabric is also used as part of armor What you can do to protect yourself during fights and looting, especially in helmets. It is also necessary for the manufacture of boots, which is the ideal footwear for the inhospitable terrain that this game has.

make clothes with the fabric in rust

Another essential artifact for survival in Rust, and that you can make with cloth, is a sleeping bag or sleeping bag. Keep in mind that, in this game, you are defenseless at all times, even when you are not connected, and you must try to ensure your protection, including heat and food.

And these are not the only uses for the fabric. It is also necessary to assemble, for example, a medical or first aid kit (which never hurts to have). You can make bags to carry other materials, such as stones or wood, from one place to another while traveling in this incredible game.

Also, if you take the fabric and cook it in an oven you can turn it into leather, another extremely useful material within Rust. With leather you can also make armor, boots, vests, helmets and other defense elements. You could also have your own stock of this material.

We hope this article has helped you see how easy it is to get fabric in Rust. And if you are really enjoying this game, we invite you to discover other games similar to Rust so that you can spend hours playing and enjoying.

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