How to Get Scrap in Rust Where Do I Find Scrap? – Rust Guide

Do you want to get to the level of experience that the Egoland server players have in Rust? So you need to prepare and know everything about the game. If at this time you want to know how to get junk in the video game, keep reading the topic How to get scrap in Rust Where do I find scrap? – Rust Guide.

How to get scrap in Rust Why is scrap in Rust useful?

Before playing Rust and looking for scrap metal, it is a good idea to review a little the usefulness of this material within the intense world of Rust. And it is that, in Rust for PS4, XBOX and PC, scrap is normally used for craft various objects: make the plans, manufacture of various weapons and research, as it is necessary to create the research table that later allows to obtain new components, weapons and useful tools.

Now, the first thing you should know when looking for scrap in Rust is that there are certain specific items, of which you can get the valuable scrap in certain amounts, which are:

  1. Elite Military Boxes: up to 25 pieces of scrap
  2. Military boxes: up to 8 pieces of scrap metal
  3. Boxes: up to 5 pieces of scrap
  4. Barrels: up to 1 or 2 pieces of scrap

Now that you know where you can get the scrap, we can proceed to show you the various methods you can use to get it in Rust easily:

Explore the monuments

The monuments that are named on the map, are the best places to find scrap metal and it is in fact in these places where you can get the Elite military boxes, which are the ones that produce the most scrap metal. In addition, it is one of the locations where you can find more scrap metal or other items that can be recycled when recycled. become scrap.

construction house video game rust

Of course, when going to these monuments you must be very careful, because monuments are also the most dangerous locations, where other players take the opportunity to stalk other players. It is best to go to outpost where there is a lower probability of being attacked by the rest of the players. You can also choose to win more junk from the Rust roulette, but it will be very risky since you could lose everything.

Use recyclers

Recyclers at Rust allow you to transform unwanted items into items that are needed and useful, such as scrap metal in this case. While there are several places where you can get recycling itemsAgain it is in the monuments where you can find more and in better conditions.

Among the various objects that can be recycled and later converted into certain scrap quantities are the following:

  • ScrapRifle Body: 25 Scrap
  • ScrapTech: 20 Scrap
  • ScrapMetal Spring: 10 Scrap
  • ScrapMteal Pipe: 5 Scrap
  • ScrapRoad Signs: 5 Scrap
  • Empty Propane Tank: 1 Scrap

Check the barrels

Did you know that each barrel, apart from the red ones that produce fuel, can produce up to 2 pieces of scrap metal? That’s right, in these barrels you can get scrap. As slow as it may seem, as there is almost always more than two barrels close to each other, getting scrap this way can be quick.

These barrels can be located on the map, near the roadsides or in the vicinity of the monuments; on the other hand, in the barrels you will not only find scrap but also other Articles of interest or that if they are not suitable, they can be used for recycling.

What’s the fastest way to get scrap in Rust?

Now that we have broken down for you the various methods to find scrap metal in Rust and some locations where you can find it, we will add other information that surely interests you: What’s the fastest way to get scrap in Rust?

characters weapons face off survival rust

This is a good question and the answer, of course, lies in the strategy and survival that characterizes games like Rust so much and is that, to be more effective you must plan what you will do. That is, to make it easier for you to get the scrap, you can make a route yourself to find boxes and barrels.

An effective option is the outposts, which reappear every 20 minutes and in which you will not only find barrels and boxes, but also the useful recyclers, so a route with several of these positions will allow you get a lot of scrap soon.

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