How To Get Skins From Past Events In Overwatch Is It Possible?

In the OverWatch video game, there are a number of great skins; many of them are only available only at events. But if I miss it, then how do I get past event skins in OverWatch ?; Well, today you will know the answer to that question.

Perhaps you already know what it is and what is Garena Free Fire about? Well, OverWatch is not far behind, because it is an addictive game that will guarantee hours of fun; but on consoles or PC, instead of mobile devices.

What is OverWatch?

It is a multi-player and multi-platform video game from Blizzard Entertainment, available on PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Nintendo Switch since the middle of 2018. Its style of play is shooter, seen in first person and organized in teams composed of 6 players.

The game characters are made up of heroes; There are 32 divided into 3 classes: Damage, Tank or Support. Damages are for annihilating opponents, tanks are to contain and defend attacks, and support for healings, shields and other advantages for the team.

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Each character has a unique ability what characterize it; this has caused a favoritism towards some heroes. For example, for damage Tracer, Sombra, Genji, Soldier: 76 and Pharah stand out, to play tank D.Va, Winston, Zarya, Reinhardt and Orisa, and for support are Zenyatta, Lúcio, Moira, Mercy and Ana.

There are 7 different game modes: Attack, Escort, Control, Assault / Escort, Competitive, Arcade and Custom; each one has a different objective and these confrontations unfold on 21 basic maps, plus additional ones, which can only be accessed in Arcade mode.

What is a skin and how is it related to events?

Every so often, Overwatch has events seasonal, which are only available once a year; such as: Terrifying Halloween, Winterland, Lunar New Year, Anniversary or Summer Games. In this and other types of events, points, chests and skins are obtained.

The word skin in English means “skin”, that is to say, that are items that change clothing or appearance of your hero; however, this does not alter or improve the character’s damage level, defense, health or any other attribute, it is only an aesthetic change.

There are skins that can only be get playing, for the duration of a specific event; once the event ends, those skins do not come out, nor are they available anywhere. If a player for some reason does not connect on those days, the possibility of winning those skins is lost.

The skins they are not unique to Overwatch; It is currently very common for most games to have them for sale or available at certain events. For example, there are ways to get free clothes in Free Fire without diamonds, or have all the skins in Fortnite.

The best way to get past event skins in OverWatch

When a player misses an event, the question that will surely be asked is, how will it be possible to get skins from past events in OverWatch? The answer, it will depend directly on which type of event We are talking.

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The events that are played by cyclical seasons of the calendar, such as the terrifying Halloween, are repeated every year. So for this case, you will have the opportunity to get the skin that you missed, for next year.

But there are specific and special events, which are organized only once and do not return. When a player does not participate during this type of event, they will lose the skin they wanted and will not have another chance to have it.

In these cases there are no options that allow the player to have a skin of past events. Nevertheless, Do not lose hopeIt is possible that in the future some skins will be available again in another event or in the game store as part of a package.

In conclusion, in order not to miss the skins, the best is to write down the days of the events and put Google Calendar on the desktop of the PC; in addition to organize your time, to be able to connect. And put together a good team of heroes, to win the games, improve your score, get chests and skins.

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