How to Get Stone, Minerals and Wood in Rust Easily – Rust Guide

With the whole Egoland affair, the questions arise what is and how to enter Egoland and what all this Rust is about. Well, Rust is a very interesting, but complex survival game. Therefore, the following is a basic guide with which you will learn how to get stone, minerals and wood in Rust easily. Certainly collecting materials is paramount in the game and is something you should know.

Pick a good place in Rust

If this is your first time playing Rust, regardless of whether you decide to play alone in Rust or with others, the first thing to keep in mind is choose a good place. Choosing a location can be tricky, but the first thing to do is find a location that has a good water supply.

Choosing a place near a river or lake will be vital to our survival, but other things must also be considered. The most advisable thing would be to choose a place where we find ourselves with the least amount of possible dangers.

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A good place to start would be a snowy space, understanding that it is safer (although remember to build a bonfire to be warm). In turn, if you play on a server with different people, the best thing would be to move away from the Respawn areas, since surely those who appear will try to eliminate you. Understanding these principles, there are others that you must take into account, find the basic resources, minerals and wood.

Get wood in Rust

When we first appear within Rust, we will have the most basic tool out there “a rock”. It may seem like a small thing, but it is through this primitive tool that we develop within the video game, so it can be very useful once the basics are learned.

The process to get wood is very simple, using that rock with which you appear at the beginning, it is a matter of hitting the trees. Therefore, locate any nearby tree and hit the trunk using the rock. You will see a Red xTry to hit it, because in this way you will get wood in the process.

At first, collecting wood is a bit slow, but once you progress through the game and create your own tools, this process will be much faster. Still, be patient and hit the trees as much as you can to collect as much wood as possible.

Get stone in Rust

Getting stone is also easy, you just have to look for any Big Rock from which you can get material. Don’t worry, you can use the rock you spawn with at the beginning to get stone. The process is the same as with wood, get close to the rock and start hitting it.

You will see that a glow appears, this indicates that that’s where you should hit to get the material faster. Just aim for this flash and you will get rock little by little. This process is long-lasting, but rock is essential for creating tools and other materials.

Get other minerals, what you should know

You will recognize various minerals depending on the “rock” color You see, for example, sulfur ore rock has a yellowish color, while metal will have a more orange or brown hue.

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Clearly, to get minerals like those mentioned above, it will be necessary to use tools. In the beginning, you can use wood and other materials to create spikes that allow you to more easily obtain these minerals.

In addition to all of the above, it is very important that you hit the sparkles when collecting minerals. If you do it efficiently you will get a bonus from the resources obtained. In any case, to obtain this bonus it will be necessary to use the most suitable tool for each mineral.

In terms of uses, sulfur is very important to create ammunition and explosives. On the other hand, metal is indispensable for create weapons, armor, building materials, various tools and even for repairs.

Rust is very complex, which is why many prefer to play Minecraft, in fact, there is the possibility of downloading and installing Minecraft for Android and iOS, something that is not possible with Rust. There are also other games like Rust that you can try at any time.

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