How to Get Subscribers on YouTube Using Facebook Ads? – Step by step (Example)

YouTube is the platform for uploading audiovisual content par excellence, since just having a channel with subscribers makes money. However, what many people do not know is that you can earn 1000 subscribers or more using third parties. So today you will learn how to get subscribers on YouTube using Facebook Ads.

And, in case you did not know, Facebook and YouTube can be used together to earn money with both, because although they have nothing to do with each other, both work with the same type of users, that is, all the world (you can even easily link your Facebook page to Youtube because of this).

How to get subscribers on YouTube using Facebook Ads?

Now, for you to quickly learn how to get subscribers on YouTube using Facebook Ads, the first thing you have to take into account is that there are many ways to carry out this processHowever, today you will be shown one of the most effective.

This “Process” to call it somehow, is based on creating a Facebook page with ads for your YouTube videos, so that increase the reach and projection of your videos, which translates into more visits and subscribers.

To start you have to create a Facebook fan page on its official platform. This is achieved by logging in with your username and clicking the arrow pointing down, which is in the upper right corner of the screen.

This action will bring up a drop-down menu where you must choose the option “Create page”, then, you have to follow the instructions that Facebook itself gives you in order to proceed with the creation. (it is only to put data and that’s it).

megaphone facebook ads

Once you have the fan page ready, you have to go back to the arrow you pressed previously, in the menu, you have to click “Manage my ads”, that will redirect you to the ad manager.

Inside it there is a green button (it is the only one with this tonality), which is called “Create”, press it. Then Facebook will will show the interface where you can create your advertising campaign.

The first thing you have to configure is the recognition of the brand, you have two options to choose from: recognition and scope, press the second.

Fan page configuration

With the above, you already know the first part of the process that will help you get subscribers on YouTube using Facebook Ads, now you will see how to configure the fan page to quickly increase your audience.

The first thing is to configure the scope, which you should already be in if you did the above correctly. Once in this section, you have to configure who is the ad you will make, that is, the age group, gender, country, among other details of the people for whom the ad is (all options are in the section ).

When you finish the configuration, keep going down in the section until you get to where you should choose the budget that you will dedicate to your ad, This already depends on you and the reach you want to give it (if you don’t know what the reach is, you should look for How to increase organic reach? to find out.

dislike i don't like youtube

With that finished, click on the “Continue” button. Next you will be taken to a page where you have to configure the YouTube video that will be in your advertising. There you must choose the option “A single video”, and then search the PC for a trailer with the most important parts of your video to upload it.

To finish, you must place in the text box that appears, a link to your YouTube channel and its subscription. And voila, that’s it people they will see your trailer in the campaign and they will subscribe to your channel to be able to see the video, so you can say that you know how to get subscribers on YouTube using Facebook Ads.

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