How to Get the First Free Shipping on Wallapop Easily? (Example)

No matter what digital commerce platform you use, when buying and selling products, you always need to include shipping. But, there are platforms that offer a fairly accessible alternative for the enjoyment of their users. An example of this is get the first free shipping on Wallapop, a fleeting option that hooks your clientele quickly.

So, imagine, you have the possibility of free shipping at your fingertips for the first time. Isn’t it cool? The product you want at the door of your house, without having to shell out an extra penny in commissions.

What is the way to go to get the first free shipping on Wallapop?

First, you must establish your position, that is, if you will use the platform on the computer or on some device. In case you decide to download Wallapop on a mobile, it is available for both Android and some edition of the Apple OS.

Once you download it or, on the contrary, decide its use through the computer, the next thing is to create an account. Failing if you already own one then you must log into Wallapop to continue with the process in question.

As in the case of coupons or discounts, getting the first free shipping at Wallapop is the same premise. What does it mean? That, initially, the platform does not have an option for shipping without a fee, but it authorizes other pages to do it.

wallapop on mobile application

In view of this, is the most reliable and organized alternative for this purpose. Just go to its official website and log in with Facebook or Google to create a user. Next, in the Wallapop category and its discounts, select a coupon available for free shipping or in promotion.

Each coupon in Chollo, at the bottom, offers a statistic about its effectiveness and how many people have used it. Based on this, you can draw your own conclusions to move forward. Another way to get free shipping is through the same seller of a certain product in the application.

When buying products in Wallapop, the seller may or may not be responsible for the shipping cost. Of course, in order to obtain more clients or a better reputation.

Well, what are the benefits of free shipping on Wallapop?

If you are successful in your search and you manage to get the first free shipping on Wallapop, you will start down a dream path. There are a number of benefits for both the user and the company as a whole, which are worth highlighting in this section. Without the possibility of free shipping, surely many people would be discouraged, so, luckily they exist in Wallapop.

You save some of the money!

Sometimes the cost of the product, even if it is second-hand, can be somewhat high due to Wallapop’s commissions. What’s more, Adding the shipping amount to it, the total can be a bit high.

free shipping wallapop

Due to this reason, get the first free shipping on Wallapop, It allows you to save a part of the money, in case it is a somewhat exaggerated amount.

Shipping is just as fast and accurate

It is normal that doubts may arise in relation to this issue, but no, a shipment for more that is free, it will not be delayed or take longer. It works exactly like any paid parcel, so, in a matter of a certain period or period, you will get your package safe and sound.

Encourage new customers!

Every day, new customers are on the journey of find promotions or discounts that suit them. Thanks to the possibility of free shipping on Wallapop, consumers are easily seduced and attracted to participate within its trading platform.

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