How to Get the Nautilus Shell or Shell in Minecraft What is it for?

With over 200 million copies, Minecraft is the best-selling game ever. Still, it’s a game that doesn’t explain much of its own mechanics, leaving it up to the player to figure them out for himself. Today we explain one of those mechanics: How to get the nautilus shell in Minecraft, and what is it for?

What is the nautilus shell?

In real life, nautiluses are animals well known for withstanding the harsh environment at the bottom of the sea. For this reason, in popular culture they are closely associated with the fearlessness of someone who sails to the depths of the ocean. An example of this is Captain Nemo’s submarine, the Nautilus, in Jules Verne’s work; or the Nautilus Shells in the Stardew Valley game.

In Minecraft, Nautilus Shells have only one use: Build a Channeler. The Channelizer is a very powerful block, which attacks all enemies in the game once it is activated underwater. It takes 8 Nautilus Shells to build a Channelizer, but you also need to find the Heart of the Sea, a very rare item found only in buried treasures.

In this other article we will show you how to activate a channelizer in Minecraft, which is a simple process but is not usually known by all Minecraft players.

How do you get the nautilus shell?

The Nautilus Shell is part of the items reserved for players who dare to play as pirates, sailing the sea and looting sunken ships, ruined cities and for those lucky enough to find temples in the oceans.

There are several ways to obtain the Nautilus shell, two that are for peaceful players, but not very effective; and one that is for the most intrepid.

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To fish

Fishing in Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful activities, but using it to get treasures requires a lot of patience. Every time you use a fishing rod and cast your hook into the water, there is a specific probability that you will get a fish, treasure, or trash.

There is only one problem: time. Fishing is repetitive, and takes a long time. Every time you fish, you have to wait 5-30 seconds for you to catch something. Once you catch something, there is an 85% chance that it is a fish, and a 10% chance that it is garbage, according to the Minecraft encyclopedia.

There is only a 5% chance of obtaining a treasure, and of that 5%, there is only one 0.8% chance to get a Nautilus Shell. So while it is possible, it requires a lot of determination and patience.

Nomadic merchants

If you have played Minecraft, you will know that street vendors are not very easy to find. According to the Minecraft encyclopedia, every 20 minutes there is a 2.5% chance that one will appear. Each time it fails, the probability increases by 2.5%.

Even after it appears, it is difficult for it to sell a Nautilus Shell. There is no official information, but we estimate that the possibility is 1/38, or 2.6%.


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The only reliable way to get Nautilus Shells is from the Drowned. The Drowned are a variant of Zombie that appears underwater, and they have a 3% probability to appear with a Nautilus Shell in hand.

If the drowned man has a Shell in his hand, he has a 100% chance to drop when he dies. For this reason, when seeing a drowned with a Shell, it is vital to try to fight against him.

This is the fastest way to get Nautilus Shells, because, in addition to being more likely than the other options, the Drowned appear in the game much more often than the Nomadic Traders and Treasures.

In all oceans and rivers, the Drowned appear when there is a light level of 7 or less, meaning that many will appear naturally when it gets dark.

In addition, drowned people appear more commonly in Ocean Ruins. So the fastest and most reliable way to get Nautilus Shells, is to camp near the Ocean and fight the drowned ones until you have 8 of them.

What to do with the shells?

After you have them, you may wonder what to do with them. Well, we invite you to investigate on your own about Channelizers, how to create them, and how to activate them. This way you will get the best out of your world in Minecraft.

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