How to Get the Princess for Free in Clash Royale Very Easy!

Currently Clash royale It is one of the most famous phone games that exist, in fact it brings features that have made more than one person hooked on it. If you haven’t played it yet, you can try it out and download and install Clash Royale for PC, Android and iOS easily

The gameplay of Clash Royale is one of the most addictive, not to mention the good characters it includes to fight. Excellent characters you can play with attack, protect your castle and conquer the game.

Within the most popular characters offered by the gameThere is a very special one, and it is the character of the princess. There are many people who want to know how to obtain this character and although it is a very popular game, the truth is that not everyone knows how to obtain it, especially new players.

So, we have prepared this article to help you with this, showing you what is the method you should apply to get the princess for free through a letter. The cards are fundamental as much as the chests that we find in Clash Royale, these chests have different objects, you can even know which chest is going to touch me in Clash Royale

Why is the princess useful?

Legendary cards like the princess They are usually very useful for any deck, why? It has a wide range of attack and can even affect a tower without even putting itself at risk.

Clash Royale Princess Letter

In addition to this, the character of the princess can attack from behind making it very difficult for opponents to counter without the help of arrows or spells that make her susceptible.

How to get the princess for free in Clash Royale?

The desire of many in the game is to get legendary cards in Clash Royale or get the legendary card of a princess in clash royale totally free is very simple because a very small gap has been opened that gives the possibility of obtaining without spending any of your chests. And although it is a very small opportunity, you may be victorious.

Step 1

First you must go to the game settings, and select the language in which you currently have Clash royale and change it for mandarin. In doing so from now on you must trust your memory and how it is, remember each option in the game.

This is because in China due to the new year they have decided to give away one of these legendary characters, thus choosing to give a princess to the users of this region.

Step 2

Then you must locate the section of “News” offered by the game, here being the place where you will find the option you are looking for, the one that corresponds to the prize you are looking for. It is usually the second option on the list with a blue background and with legendary characters in the center with the princess. After locating this option, click on it.

Step 3

Immediately a pop-up window will open in which you must scroll to the end to click on those words in yellow Mandarin, you must copy the link that is offered to you here in your phone’s browser.

Step 4

As a result you will see that a Clash Royal QR code to which you will have to make a screenshot.

Step 5

Later you must download the application from “WeChat” and register as a user, follow the basic steps that will be given to you. Once you have done it, on the main screen of the application you will see a symbol of “+” in the upper right corner.

Within this you will find the option to “Scan QR code”, access your gallery and select the screenshot you made of the QR code.

different clash royale characters

You will be taken to the Clash Royale application directly to the place where after seeing a small realistic introduction of the character you will have the opportunity to get the legendary card of the princess after clicking on the yellow button that will appear.

Step 6

Now you will have to answer a question to win the character, you will have four options to choose from. Download “Google translator” and from the option “Settings” from it select “Touch to translate”.

This will help you to know what the question says, since at the beginning you have changed the language to Mandarin and since they are not native speakers answering correctly is complicated. Usually the questions are related to the story the game. Maybe you have doubts or wonder how often does a new Clash Royale card come out? and we are happy to inform you that in Clash Royale nothing remains unanswered.

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