How to Get the Shattering Edge Enchantment for your Sword in Minecraft?

The Raging Edge enchantment is one of the most interesting, it is intended for armaments and can give you a great advantage in your game. Minecraft puts at the command of its players a large number of enchantments that can facilitate and make your gaming experience better, we talked about this one.

In Minecraft you can mix the real world with the fantasy world, so in this game you can find and work with many enchantments, such as the attraction enchantment, a level III enchantment that can be used on a fishing rod. Just as you can use them, you can also remove spells and enchantments when you no longer need them.

What is Razorblade Charm?

This enchantment has been designed to increase the damage dealt to enemies. Empowers sweep-type attacks, in which a horde of monsters can be injured.

The Enchantment of the Shattering Blade has three levels, each being more lethal than the other, the minimum is level I which increases the attack by 50% + 1.

Levels II and III increase 66% + 1 and 75% + 1 respectively, being very accurate attacks that can guarantee your survival in the game.

In case you want correctly calculate your attack percentage, you can use a simple mathematical formula. You just have to calculate the basic damage level of your weapon, multiply it by the level of the enchantment; It only remains that you divide the result between the level of the enchantment plus one and that’s it.

Note that this can only be used on swords, so the best way to achieve a strong attack is combine one Netherite sword with all enchantments.

How to obtain the Raging Blade enchantment?

There are two ways to get this enchantment, both have basically the same process, what differentiates them is the means by which it is carried out.

seek enchantment

The main or most common way to achieve this enchantment is through an enchantment table, where you can choose it easily. The other means of enchantment is the anvil, this allows you to combine various elements and make modifications to your swords, including easily enchanting them.

How to boost the Raging Blade enchantment?

As discussed above, there are possibilities to make your attack the best of all. DYou must consider some aspects of the sword that you want to enchant. First of all, it is most recommended that you have a Netherite sword, this is the most resistant material in all of Minecraft.

Additionally, you must take care that its materials are at full capacity, that is, that they guarantee that your sword can withstand great fights. Now, you must consider which are the best enchantments for your sword, keep in mind that you are applying the devastating edge, you have to give it power.

Once you have combined all the best elements and have placed the spells, it is recommended that you raise these to the highest levels. In this way, by combining all these effects, you will have created a sword with a high level of attack and excellent resistance, you only have to maintain and repair it.

What happens if you don’t use the Raging Blade enchantment?

This is quite an interesting question, basically, not using this enchantment you run the risk of being attacked by large groups of enemies and not being able to defend yourself.

The risk of not using this sword lies in the fact that you can lose a lot by not having a strong enough form to protect yourself.

end or nether space

An enchantment that is necessary when you risk entering spaces like the End or the Nether, where monsters can attack in groups.

Keep in mind that your enchanted sword doesn’t necessarily have to be your only sword. You can have it as a reinforcement and use it only in times of risk.

We recommend avoiding approaching sites with many enemies if you do not have this spell and a good sword, otherwise, the risk of dying is very high. We hope that this article will be of great use to you and that you can discover new spaces by protecting yourself with this spectacular enchantment.

We already talked about spells and enchantments, but that is not the only magical thing that Minecraft has; In this game you can also work taming a dragon or creating magic potions.

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