How to Get XCloud from XBox on Nintendo Switch Easily? (Example)

xCloud is one of the newest services in the video game industry today. Because of this, many people still don’t know him at all. For this reason, many doubts have arisen regarding him, which makes it imperative that you learn today How to get xCloud from Xbox on the Nintendo Switch?

And it is that, it does not matter if you are a Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft user, everyone wants to know how to use xCloud on their console, since although it is still a new project, it is already pronouncing itself to become the future of the games with that in mind you should also look what is and how does Xbox Game Pass work (your allied service).

How to get xCloud from xBox on the Nintendo Switch?

To go directly to the point that interests you and what quickly learn how to have xCloud from Xbox on the Nintendo Switch, the first thing you have to find out is that this service is not available on Nintendo at the moment.

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In reality, xCloud doesn’t even come out yet for Xbox or PC, it is currently only available on Android devices, and only for those who have purchased the Ultimate subscription (xCloud includes Game Pass Ultimate).

Although it is known that it will arrive at Apple in 2021, it has not yet been confirmed that the system will be able to be used by other consoles or rival companies. So far, most of the news that xCloud would come to Switch is a lie.

This is due to Xbox system in general, that is, the system of achievements, trophies, friends, among others, which is different on each console and uses its own individual rules. Phil Spencer, Xbox CEO, explained that the other consoles (including Nintendo), are not even interested in integrating the system because they do not target the same audience.

So, you will most likely never see the xCloud off platforms or operating systems that Microsoft handles, however, there is no reason to feel bad, because most likely each company will release its own adapted version.

How does xCloud on Xbox work?

To make it even clearer why you can’t have xCloud from xBox on Nintendo Switch, As a little extra, today you will be shown how this system works, so that you can get an idea of ​​what it is, if you are not a Microsoft user.

As a number one point you have to know that xCloud works as a streaming platform, which will play all the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games on your mobile, for this reason one of the main requirements to have it is to have a subscription to this service.

Also, as a second point, for the correct use of xCloud you need an internet connection of at least 10 megabytes in download and that is 5GHZ. At the same time, you must have a control (of any console), because it is still not allowed to play only with the mobile.

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Finally, take into account that the phone in question where the games will be played has to be Android 6.0 or higher, with Bluetooth 4.0.

Now, the operation is very simple, to use it you just have to download the XCloud app from the Playstore. Then you have to log in, and once inside hit the button called “Cloud”, there you will see a list of games (those of the pass), which you can reproduce just by hitting “Play”.

And voilà, with that you should know how xCloud works and why you cannot have xCloud from Xbox on the Nintendo Switch (due to the personal Xbox ecosystem) that does not allow streaming to other consoles or download and install Xbox games elsewhere.

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