How to get your IMEI if your phone is off or you don’t have it nearby

In general, few people have gotten into the good habit of having their device’s IMEI copied. When they need it, they don’t know how to do it and usually have lost it. Then, How can you get the IMEI code of a phone if it is turned off or we do not have it nearby?

What is the IMEI code

It is already known that the IMEI code is a fundamental tool to be able to contract a telephone service in most countries. This same must be released when we want to change the service provider company or if it has been purchased outside the country in which it is intended to be used.

This code consists of a unique and universal number, composed of 15 digits, which is obtained by dialing the keys “* # 06 #” from our mobile. This code indicates the data of the device’s country of manufacture, manufacturer company, serial number and a verification digit.

This IMEI code will help you to block your mobile if it has been lost or stolen. But how do you know if we can not have access to the mobile?. Or, maybe the phone just won’t turn on or we can’t access it for some other reason. How could we have access to the code in those circumstances?

Person with mobile in hand and with laptop

How to get your IMEI if your phone is turned off or you don’t have it nearby

All the information concerning our Android devices is closely linked to our Google account. Thanks to this it is possible to obtain and retrieve a lot of important information. Among all this information is everything related to our devices, as Google keeps it stored with our authorization.

This is very useful, because if our phone were stolen or lost, we could locate with Google services. If we enter from the web browser to the page Find my device“, This will take us to the section where our registered devices are located. We must first log into our Google account.

Once there we must select the device from which we want know the IMEI code, and then click on the “information” icon. A pop-up window will show us information about our device: when we registered it for the first time, when we used it for the last time and, of course, the IMEI code.

A similar process must be carried out if our device operates with an iOS system entering the Apple cloud. Once you enter, the procedure is the same, select your device, request information and it will show you the IMEI code. This code can also be used to check if your iPhone is on Apple’s blacklist.

Other options to get your IMEI code easily

If you do not have a computer with internet to get our IMEI code in the way described with the help of Google or Apple. It is so easy and practical that you will be surprised if you did not think about it before. Just enough locate the phone’s barcode, which is inside the cabin where the battery of your phone is inserted.

Open mobile

By removing the battery, you will find the 15-digit number, that is, the IMEI code. But if the case is that you do not have your mobile phone with you, and you do not have internet access, you can find it in the box. packaging where your Smartphone came. We hope you didn’t throw it away!

These are the simplest ways to get the IMEI code when your mobile is turned off or you do not have it at your fingertips. If the case is that it has been lost or stolen, knowing the code is essential to be able to track it online and to be able to block it.

Knowing the IMEI code is very important for to be able to report our telephone number in case of theft, so that it cannot be used by other people. It is also a good security measure, because if we become active and become involved in a crime, we could be implicated. It can even be used to find out which original company your mobile is from.

It is also useful to know if it has been reported or is blocked, in case it has been blocked for security reasons and we want to request the unlocking of the mobile. It is always advisable to keep the number in a safe place.

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