How to Give, Add or Add a Tip or Extra Amount to the Uber Eats Dealer

Tipping, adding or adding a tip to the Uber Eats delivery person is a new feature or tool who introduced the app.

Uber has always been famous for its excellent services in terms of private transportNow with its new branch, Uber East it is possible to receive a food delivery anywhere in the world.

For a long time to tip an Uber Eats delivery person could only be done in person when the order arrived but thanks to the updates of the application it is now possible to add it directly.

If you are interested in knowing how to give, add or add a tip to the Uber East delivery man and learn more about this wonderful application about What is uber eats and how does it work? We advise you to continue reading.

How to order and tip the Uber Eats delivery person?

Placing an order on Uber Eats and giving, adding or adding a tip to the delivery man is quite a process simple and quick to do.

For this you will only need to have the Uber East application on your mobile device, the application is available for all versions of Android and iOS.

Once you have registered and logged into Uber East you just have to enter the name of the restaurant to which you want to request an order in the search bar of the application.

After selecting the order or food service in the restaurant you must click on the option “Show car” to then press the pay button.

add an extra tip to the uber eats delivery man

To finish you will only have to confirm the address where you want to receive the order and wait for the Uber East service to make the delivery.

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One of the benefits of ordering through Uber Eats is that the company, in addition to being extremely safe, has record waiting times, estimating the same at a maximum of 30 minutes.

Step to give, add or add a tip for the Uber East delivery person

The first step to give or add a tip for the Uber East distribution is to be registered in Uber Eats which is extremely simple since it can be downloaded from Google Play Store for any mobile device either Android or iOS.

Thanks to the fact that the Uber East service is located in many cities around the world and the company has more than 2 million deliverers the delivery will be extremely fast, but how to give or add your own extra for the delivery person?

For this, it will be necessary to use the Uber application as usual and order an order, once you receive it depending on how the service has turned out, Uber East will ask you evaluate the driver and if you wish, leave your own.

Uber East has options of 1, 3 or 5 USD, however it is possible to enter another value to add the tip, the payment not tips has no additional values in the app.

Through the Uber East application there is a period of 30 days to give, add or add a tip for the Uber East delivery person, at the same time it is necessary to take into account that Uber establishes a tip amount limit which is 200%.

What is the perfect tip amount for an Uber East delivery?

One question that Uber East users always have is about the tip amount to give, add or add to the dealer.

add tip to uber eats delivery man

In the United States they have implemented an ideal tip calculation that can help you determine the same. Although the Uber East application has automatic amounts such as 1, 3 or 5 USD many times it is common to leave “a little more”.

The perfect tip amount for an Uber East delivery person is estimated to be one 10% to 15% of the total purchase or order.

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One of the benefits of Uber East is that its services they are extremely cheap Compared to other delivery services, the tips to their workers are usually quite low.

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