How to Give Virtual Classes From Home Using Google Classroom – Step by Step

Teaching online classes is currently a specific need, so that students can comfortably watch their classes from home and teachers can also give their classes. If you want to teach virtual classes, a very good tool is Google Classroom, brought by the Google company. Do you want to know more about this? Stay with us because today we explain how to teach virtual classes from home using Google Classroom – Step by step.

What is Google Classroom? All about this useful platform

This platform is currently used to have a complete school experience, of course, virtually in which you can create virtual rooms or classrooms. This gives great comfort to teachers and students, but also to parents so that they become more fully involved in the educational process of their children.

Classes are taught from a distance, exams, exhibitions and all the usual of a school experience face-to-face. There is also the possibility to connect using Hangouts Meet for video calls and thus elevate the virtual class experience to a much more complete and fluid level for teachers and students.

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Who is allowed to use Google Classroom?

  • Any user with Gmail: Any user who has a Gmail account personal, is already a potential candidate to use Classroom, so if you don’t have a Gmail email yet, create an account now, it is necessary to be able to use Google Classroom!

  google classroom platform green board

  • Teaching center: this includes schools, universities and other educational centers, all this based on the tools for the correct training of teachers and students through the G Suite for Educational Centers. For a teaching center to work with this, you must first register the institution and then wait for confirmation from Google.
  • Non-governmental organizations: following the same line as the above, there is the G Suite for Non-Profit Organizations, where they are offered tools very similar to those of the previous point

How to teach virtual classes from home using Google Classroom

  • You must first log in with your Gmail account on your device
  • Then, in the search engine or browser paste the link or go to the home page of your Google account and in the Google applications icon you will get an app called Classroom with a green chalkboard icon.
  • After you access Google Classroom you must click on the + icon where a small menu of options will be displayed with the options: join a class or create a class.
  • Click on Create a class to start structuring your class from scratch, then accept the Terms and Conditions of the platform to continue with the creative process of your virtual classroom.
  • After this, a screen will appear where you must place the essentials about your new class, such as what subject it is, name, classroom, section, among other basic aspects.
  • After this, you will be able to invite your students to enter the class through a unique code generated by Google for your class, with which students will access it. Once the class is established and your students are in, you can create the assessments, answer student questions, schedule announcements, quizzes, and activities.
  • In section Class work you will be able to clearly see each assignment you have sent and access them easily; On the other hand, if you want to create a new topic for the class, click on Create and from there you will be able to create the specific topic that you will talk about in class, explain it and then organize everything related to the class evaluation activities.

google classroom platform on laptop

On the other hand, in the section Create tasks You will be able to give specific instructions of what is going to be done in the tasks that you send to your students, assign the day, month and time of delivery of the same and place support material for the development of these by the students.

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Finally, in the qualification process you can also rely on Google Classroom, because right there they allow you to grade the tasks in a few steps. As for Hangouts Meet for teachers, on the Google help site, you can learn more about starting classes by video call.

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