How to Group Objects or Elements or Blocks in Autocad step by step (Example)

What is Autocad? Simply put, it is a assisted design software and it is used to modify plans and projects in the area of ​​architecture and engineering. However, you may already know this magnificent tool by projects that other people have presented, but how can you group objects or elements or blocks in autocad? It is very simple, so we will help you find the answer in a very short time, let’s see.

Can I group blocks or elements in Autocad?

Yes, you can do it very easily. That is why today we will help you learn to perform this task with a simple step by step. In addition, with Autocad you can make 2D and 3D plans from this unique tool. It will help you improve the quality of precision and aesthetics of your project leaving an impact on the view when presenting it.

Group elements in Autocad

Many times when making plans you notice that to group an element you must follow a rigorous process, however today we will help you to do it more and thus save time and effort that we can develop in another element.

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blueprint or blueprint

  1. Firstly when opening your autocad and run some elements, go to the top in the menu bar where it says «tools» Then click on «Group».
  2. As you can see, the elements will go from being disjointed to grouped. Ready in this way you will group your elements successfully.

Group blocks

Suppose you have a plane with various office blocks and you want to group them What should you do? Keep reading with us to find out more.

  1. As a first step, you must go to the «insert» tab that is in the upper left, then click on «create block» and a new tab will appear with the name of your project.
  2. Then select the base point by selecting «pick point» and choose the corner of your choice.
  3. Now, then click on «select the objects». You choose the blocks you are going to work with. Once this is done, click on «ok».
  4. When you do this and go to the insert command, the entire office block will be available. Select it and position it where you want as many times as necessary. And ready in this way you will have grouped the desired blocks in Autocad.

3d model of a construction

Group objects

It is very common to hear that it is not possible to group objects into groups in autocad but we have found the solution to the problem, how? Next we will explain how you can do it.

  1. First you went to the «start» tab and you will find the option «create group» and «select group» and proceed to click there. Select the desired items and name them.
  2. Following this order of ideas, select the object and position it on the group, according to the direction you want the most.
    Many times the root of the problem is that you have disabled the option «OBJECT GROUP SELECTION«For that you must do the following:
  3. Enter the panel in «tools» then «options» then click on «selection tab» and finally go to «Activate the tab Grouping objects». And voila, you can start grouping objects quickly and easily.

Why is it so practical to group blocks or elements in Autocad?

Autocad will help you to carry out great tasks, for that it was invented to create computer-assisted drawings generating better results in your projects. In all its years it has become the industry standard capable of helping you modify and improve thoughtful designs.

We hope you can have much success in your work of future design and that the tools that we have provided thinking of you are very useful, do not stop commenting on how your project went and share with others so that they can benefit from this masterful tool.

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