How to Hard Reset, Reset or Format a ZTE Blade L7, L8, V8, V9, V10 Cell Phone

In case you have a ZTE Blade cell phone in any of its versions, be it L7, L8, V8, V9 or V10 and you have forgotten your password or unlock pattern, or have any software system error, resetting or formatting the device is the indicated solution.

Perform a hard reset or format a ZTE Blade cell phone in any of its versions, will allow us restore the phone to its original version, its factory version, thus eliminating all the problems that it presents.

A hard reset is a sub menu who owns a ZTE cell phone, it can be accessed before turning on the device by means of a combination of buttons, a combination that we will explain later.

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The sub menu of a ZTE Blade cell phone it is called recoveryKnowing how to access this is very useful since it is also used to install custom roms.

When performing a hard reset or formatting a ZTE cell phone, all the failures that the device’s operating system has will be corrected. Normally a hard reset works when the boot sector is damaged.

How to hard reset a ZTE Blade cell phone?

To do a hard reset to a cell phone ZTE Blade in any of its versions, in case it has a startup error, hangs on the logo or we have forgotten the pattern to unlock it:

  1. Firstly we must turn off our deviceBefore starting the process, it is recommended to remove the SD card and the sim card so that data is not deleted from them.
  2. Next we press the volume down button at the same time that we press the power button, we must keep both buttons pressed about 20 seconds, until the ZTE logo appears.
  3. Once the ZTE logo appears, we will release the power button but holding down the volume button down until the recovery menu.
  4. After the recovery menu appears, several options will appear that we can select with the volume down and up buttons, we will select the option of «Wipe data / factory reset» with the power button.
  5. We select «yes» on the new screen that will appear. We will have to wait a moment until the recovery menu appears again and select the first option. With this, our device will have already been formatted and will be in its factory version.

How to format a ZTE Blade cell phone from the PC?

Format a ZTE Blade cell phone it is quite a simple process and fast that it can save our device on more than one occasion if this requires it.

man formats cell phone zte blade from computer

In some cases it is not possible to perform a hard reset or format a ZTE Blade cell phone from the recovery menu but we can carry out the process from a computer.

For this process, you must connect the ZTE Blade cell phone to the pc with a USB cable. Previously we must have downloaded a program that executes the formatting for us, it is advisable to use ADB, FastBoot.

Once the program is downloaded, we will activate the «USB debugging» option, connect the mobile to the PC, press «To accept» in the debugging window and we just have to wait for the process to complete.

How to backup on a ZTE Blade cell phone?

One of the results to perform a hard reset or format a ZTE Blade cell phone is that the device will remain in its factory version, so we will lose all our files.

woman with zte cell phone in hand to format

To avoid losing all our files, in the tools section we will find the application «Backup copy”, It presents several options, such as, change phones, share files or make a backup.

One time let’s select The option «Make a backup» can be done on an SD card or in the internal memory of the phone and then send a PC.

We can select the files from which we want to have a backup And in this way, when performing the hard reset to our ZTE Blade cell phone in any of its versions, have a copy stored on the SD card or our computer.

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