How to Hatch Eggs and Raise Dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved? Grow ARK Dinosaurs

Dinosaur egg incubation in ARK is the process in which a fertilized dinosaur egg is turned into a little baby dinosaur. This process is done as part of dinosaur farming in ARK for personal use.

In the same way that you can find taps in ARK and feed them, you can also find dinosaurs and hatch them from eggs to use them as mounts and take advantage of certain benefits that they offer when they are obtained from a fertilized egg. We will show you how to hatch eggs in ARK and what steps you must follow to grow dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved.

How to hatch eggs in ARK: Survival Evolved?

The first thing you need to do is get a fertilized dinosaur egg, for that you must put your dinosaurs in roaming mode. You must take into account the type of dinosaur that you are going to obtain from the egg, because there is a suitable temperature for each type of dinosaur.

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An easy way to hatch dinosaur eggs in ARK: Survival Evolved, in case you don’t have many resources, is place several torches around the egg. You must turn them on as you obtain the appropriate temperature necessary, for this you must constantly check the state and temperature of the egg.

Likewise, another way to incubate a dinosaur egg in ARK if you have better resources and a more advanced level is with a generator and several air conditioners, between 5 or 10, depending on the difference in temperature that the egg needs to hatch. Eggs usually take around three hours to hatch.

In either case you must be careful not to have friendly pets that can shoot enemy dinosaurs, because when the dinosaur hatches from the egg it is recognized as any dinosaur. You must approach it and select it.

How to grow dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved?

Egg incubation is one of the features that has caught the attention of ARK players the most, as it allows players to raise any kind of creatures, using gestation for mammals and dinosaur eggs.

So you will not need to know the best map in ARK to find a fertilized egg, since you can obtain a fertilized dinosaur egg from your own, or you can even steal them. Once the egg has hatched you must be patient and have time Well, a baby dinosaur requires frequent care.

Likewise, before you go to hatch a dinosaur egg you must make sure you get enough meat. Well, you will need a lot of meat to grow dinosaurs in ARK: survival evolved. Well, you can’t leave the baby dinosaur alone for long to go get meat.

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You must bear in mind that a baby dinosaur takes time to mature and stop needing care, so if you do not have time it is better to wait to start incubation. As the baby grows, you can leave it alone for longer periods of time. During this time you can take a break and lock your pc screen without turning it off.

What’s the use of having dinosaurs from an incubated egg in ARK: Survival Evolved

There are many advantages that you can get from an incubated dinosaur. When you select the baby dinosaur after hatching, it asks for an enhancement of affection. What is a link that the dinosaur offers so that when you use it as a mount can do more damage. What you do is raise the attack and defense stats of the dinosaur.

The higher the level of the pair of dinosaurs that you are going to mate to obtain the fertilized egg. So the higher could be the level that the dinosaur hatches from the egg. This is why many players prefer to adopt their dinosaur mounts. from a hatched egg dinosaur.

To take advantage of all the advantages that the baby dinosaur offers. However, you must bear in mind that you have to have a lot of free time to hatch an egg. Well when a dinosaur hatches from the egg requires constant attention, about every three hours. So knowing how to change the time in ARK can be useful to take care of your dinosaur at night.

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