How to Have a Girlfriend in GTA 5? – Get Your Own Girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto 5 (Example)

In past versions, the presence of a partner for the protagonist is evidenced only in secondary missions and they are quickly discarded. In GTA V, this possibility is somehow hidden or disguised. Due despite not making mention of it explicitly, the manner of have girlfriend in GTA 5 It varies according to the route you choose.

Within the game, there are two ways to have access to a partner, the first being through the strip club. On the other hand, the second is through the taxi missions that will give you access to several candidates as you do your job (you can even be a policeman or taxi driver in GTA 5, that will give you more scope to win a woman).

To achieve your mission, keep in mind certain aspects that perhaps did not mean anything before, such as buying good clothes or owning a luxurious car. However do not worry because obtaining these things is very easy, since you can even buy and sell cars in GTA 5.

Striptease Club: How to have a girlfriend in GTA 5?

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Enter the game from the platform you have, since it will always be the same for any of them regardless of one or the other. Start the game and get ready to achieve your main objective, which in this case is to learn how to have girlfriend in GTA 5.

First of all, you have to weigh the first option, that is, direct any main character you choose towards the strip club (you can change characters in GTA 5 whenever you want and go with each one). Once on the site, the available menu is made up of the girls Infernus and Juliet, recurring club workers.

First of all, appearance is an important aspect for this kind of mission, even if it is just a game, it still works dress properly. Previously, your goal is to go to a clothing store and buy a suitable, elegant and fashionable clothing for the situation that you will face shortly.

gta 5 colored cars

Driving a mighty-looking four-wheeler is crucial to impressing your future girl, so get yourself a car that’s worth it. to show off, stealing it or through the telephone contact of a seller.

Remember that although you should not skimp on expenses for the occasion, you must have a modest sum of money for the task in process. Now yes, drive your shiny new car to the main entrance of the club of striptease, place of events and the first destination to visit to find out how to have a girlfriend in GTA 5.

What to do once inside the strip club?

Enter naturally and request a private dance from any of the girls. When you’re in the room, the next thing to do is handle the situation at your own pace, so that you don’t rush things too much so you don’t spoil the moment.

Pressing «TO«Or»X«On Xbox and Play Station respectively, you can go touching and talking dirty to the girl you have chosen upon payment. You must be careful to repeatedly touch the girl, as it can be counterproductive. You could be kicked out of the club secondary to a harassment complaint.

At the third private dance that you request with the same girl, the option to go with her will appear. Infernus or Juliet will have fallen into your nets. After accepting your mischievous invitation that they will not hesitate to accept if they have «scanning» carrying a good car, good clothes and good money.

gta blonde

Finally, you will have brought the girl home and what is to be expected between the two characters will happen after an intense initial flirtation. They will both save each other’s phone number and eventually she will send you some photos that you will surely love.

Get girlfriend through the taxi mission in GTA 5

This alternative is available during the game and is much easier to perform. Opportunity presents itself in missions «Taxi, I already have you» Y «It leads to highway 2». You will meet Liz and Úrsula respectively, so take advantage of the journey before the destination to talk to them and get a phone number.

Finally, you should know that now there is a new and novel way to have a girlfriend, but it is through a mod that allows you to have a character with a story within the game. For that you must learn to download and install GTA 5 roleplay, because with that game mode, surely at some point you will have a real girlfriend.

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