How to Have a Parrot as a Virtual Pet on the Desktop of my Windows PC

Have a parrot like virtual pet on the desktop of a Windows PC is a pleasure that people have. Especially those who are limited to not being able to have a real pet either due to time or work.

Always has been a fun attraction between Windows users to be able to count on these types of pets for good times. They bring some creativity to the desktop for those who work from their pc, and it entertains children a lot these days.

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What is a virtual pet for Windows PC desktops?

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Virtual pets are nothing more than a simple program for pc that adds a pet preselected to the Windows desktop. The pet will walk around the desk, giving it some more life and interaction to entertain anyone who uses it.

Some users choose choose a parrot as a design of the virtual pet for its cute colors and cute appearance. But the truth is that this kind of program pleases anyone’s taste, offering a wide variety of designs for pets.

Parrots are the ideal new pet when it comes to wanting to be entertained with the functions of a Windows computer.

Its function is none other than entertain both children and adults with the interaction that is made with them. Today many people spend long hours working in front of a PC, some simple entertainment is needed.

Usually this class of old programs would be incompatible with Windows 10 and make it very difficult to install on this system. But they are basic programs that occasional users download to entertain themselves and cause a few laughs after a long time on PC.

This opportunity to fill the desk with a little life and fun with a cute virtual pet. Some are capable of emitting voice sounds that make their interaction more than just digital pixels.

How to have a virtual pet on the Windows PC desktop?

There is a varied selection of programs that allows you to have a character in the form of a virtual pet for the Windows desktop. Each one with its own characteristics and peculiarities that make taking care of our virtual pet more entertaining.

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One of the best applications to download from the Microsoft Store is eSheep, which will be installed in the process. You do not need to be registered on the official Microsoft website to download it and it is totally free for any user.

Once downloaded and installed, we will confirm that it is among the list of installed applications on the PC and we will execute it. It is important to save this location in case you need to change the location of the installed folder application.

We will know that the application is running efficiently when the configuration panel that the application has is opened. By clicking on the «Add new eSheep» option, you will be able to see the virtual pet (by default a sheep).

To select a parrot as a virtual pet, all you have to do is swap eSheep’s «classic» sheep for the parrot design. You can add more and expand the variety of pets, each with one with unique features that characterize them.

This class of programs, like many others, are extremely simple and do not claim to be ambitious with their functions. Which is advantageous for those people who just want to enjoy a virtual pet occasionally on their Windows desktop.

Some of the functions that these pets have are to walk on the screen, jump on it or run. They can also yawn, fall asleep, fall off the screen, as well as sitting or watching us while we do our activities with the PC.

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