How to Have a Stopwatch in the Notification Panel of my Android? (Example)

In this world, time is everything, lately everything is going so fast that there is hardly any moment where you can stop and breathe. So if you are a busy person, it is good that you carry a time record it takes you to do each activity, and for that you must learn how to have a stopwatch in the notification panel of my Android.

There are people who even have their time counted, so a tutorial that shows how to time everything, from the always useful notification panel, it will never be a waste of time.

It’s as simple as putting notes or reminders on your Android lock screen and it won’t take too long to achieve an ideal or expected result.

The notification panel a faithful companion

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How not to call the already appointed panel as a faithful companion, it has been with us from the first Android versions, and always with the same simple mechanics, slide your finger to see notifications.

It is not an application that consumes data on Android, but it is nothing more than a window where you can visualizer immediately, each and every one of the notifications, which are had at that time, (missed calls, messages, emails, among others).

It is like a tray that collects all the information quickly, and that also has shortcuts at the top, they are like buttons, which serve to deactivate and activate functions of the phone quickly, such as connecting, disconnecting or removing access to the WiFi network, among others.

The panel is the perfect companion, but can I really put a stopwatch on my Android’s notification panel?

stopwatch in hand

A stopwatch in the notification panel of my Android

To be able to place a stopwatch on the panel, you will need the help of an APP from the Playstore, because although the phone has one, it cannot really be configured on the bar or panel.

The application to be used is named Notification Stopwatch, and it is the one that will help to have a stopwatch always at hand, for whatever use you want to give it.

First of all, the application is free, and you do not have to pay anything within it, second it weighs only 92kb of space which is nothing compared to any other application.

It is open source and without ads, there is no disadvantage in using it, and it is very simple because, it only fulfills the basic functions of any stopwatch which is what is needed.

The model is very simple with bright colors and large numbers, in the case of using an Android version like 5.0 or higher, your model will be the same as the Material Design.

Most importantly it allows you to create a button for “Activate» Y «Deactivate«A stopwatch in the notification panel of my Android, is very easy, just when opening the application.

It has the same button for «Pause«And»Start«, And has a»Reset”, Which will return the stopwatch counter to 0, so that you can start over. The best thing about all this is that these buttons can be activated from the notification bar and not just from the application.

stopwatch count

The advantage of having time

Although having a chronometer In the notification panel of my Android, it is perhaps not the most important thing in the world, it does notice the difference when using it day after day without fail.

The advantage is that taking into account, how much time is spent in any activity, minutes are gained that are converted into hours and translated into days, which can be used in whatever, both in leisure time, as in producing in the job.

No activity is overrated and whenever new and small concepts come out like a stopwatch, it is important to give it a try, why?It is the little things that make the biggest differences.

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