How To Have Atresmedia Player Premium – Know the Advantages of the Premium Package

With the rise of live content transmission, some companies such as Atresmedia offer a Premium package for the reproduction of series, movies and conventional television programs. For this reason, we invite you to read this article with which you will learn How to have Atresmedia Player Premium – Learn about the advantages of the Premium package.

Atresmedia Player Premium or better known as Atresplayer Premium is a video platform created by the company Atresmedia. In it you can find diverse content and low-demand proposals without advertising, just as it happens when you download and install Netflix.

The platform offers all the channels of the Atresmedia chain live, as well as unique ATRESplayer content such as series, documentaries and films. These contents are expanded over time and are available in their original language.

What is Atresmedia Player Premium for?

ATRESplayer Premium is very useful for those users who want to access streaming content with high definition, download videos in offline mode and avoid advertisements.

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It should be noted that the platform also offers a free service without previews and with advertising. However, most users favor the Premium service since it is available for mobile devices, computers and tablets.

ATRESplayer Premium is suitable for those who enjoy world premieres, the most popular programs of the family of Atresmedia channels, as well as the reproduction of contents simultaneously in two devices with the same account.

For this reason, if you want to obtain this service, it is necessary that you know some requirements stipulated by Estrimedia which we present below.

Internet connection

In order to enjoy the ATRESplayer Premium platform, it is essential to have at least 6 megabytes of speed for the connection. In this way, users can access the content in general.

However, those who wish play 4k content they will need up to 18 megabytes. Reason why, it is necessary to verify the connection speed before requesting the service.

Allowed devices

ATRESplayer Premium allows its contents to be played on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and for television it is essential to have a Smart TV, although there are other companies that work without this limitation, so it is possible to watch Netflix without using Smart TV.

Users can access different applications from their TV such as Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV in order to download the app of their choice and enjoy the streaming content.

The operating system

If you are going to access the ATRESplayer Premium service, it is necessary to have Windows XP or a higher version. The use of Linux is also supported and there are device availability with iOS and Android system.

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The browsers that can be used

The following browsers can be used to access the ATRESplayer Premium service: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge. It’s very important keep the browser updated to the latest version available in order to take full advantage of the benefits of the video platform.

What are the advantages of the Atresplayer Premium package?

Among the main advantages that ATRESplayer Premium offers are the availability of the most recent contents, acquiring greater popularity in the audiovisual panorama of Spain. The price is affordable and with the Premium package cuts and advertising are eliminated.

In addition, the Atresmedia company guarantees a acceptable performance and quality, the presence of American series, a short video platform called Flooxer and a telenovela channel.

Another advantage that ATRESplayer Premium offers is related to the availability for any device, be it a computer, a smartphone, televisions and tablets. In this sense, you can store the content on your computer just as it happens when downloading movies and series on Netflix.

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